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Maintenance certifications that help you grow

Maintenance certifications

You have probably heard that getting certifications will help you get a good job. You might also have heard other people say that attaining certain certifications it did not help them that much in securing a better job. With thousands of certifications to choose from you might be confused about how to choose the suitable one.

In this article, we have done the hard work on your behalf through searching for the certification both at the supervisory and technician level that guarantee your career growth. Before the listing, we can check some important general information you might need to understand.

Importance of maintenance certifications

A certificate is a recognized qualification proved on paper that you earn upon completion of training. It justifies your competency in completing a certain task. Despite the industry, certifications are documents that state that you have undergone a particular training and education and you are prepared and qualified to undertake a job that fits your role.

Maintenance certifications go a  long way in helping you advance in your career faster more so if your intention is focusing on highly specialized jurisdictions of maintenance management such as aviation, HVAC, medical equipment, automobile, or industrial maintenance.

It is a fact that not all certifications are equal but they assure potential workers of professional skills alongside the work experience and educational qualifications. Certification programs need resources and time. They also come with the following benefits:

  • They help you be considered for your professional skills which give you an advantage for getting competitive jobs.
  • They can lead to a pay rise
  • They can help you build a professional reputation and showcase your commitment to growth to potential employers.
  • Some recruiters ask for specific qualifications.

The process of maintenance certification

You could be wondering what you can expect in a certification process. Well here goes!

Starting a certification is normally straight to the point. You will fill out an online application and pay some fees before the registration goes through. This will be completed on your behalf if the firm is paying for the certification.

Most maintenance certification providers do not need some educational qualifications before registration in the technician category. However, it is recommendable that you possess a high school diploma since recruiters would anticipate it. If you do not have it but can defend your experience you can go ahead and apply.

Certification classes

Despite the type of certification you are applying for credentials will be given after you have passed the necessary examinations. Nowadays certification bodies have made it possible to apply and pay for your fees virtually. You can then access some training resources such as manuals. The advantage of the training material is that you can train at your own pace.

You will also be informed about the process of testing. Some examinations are carried out online while others are carried out via paper in testing areas. In addition, various institutions offer online classes to help students get prepared for these tests. Before choosing a training center it is vital to do some research to figure out their authenticity and if they are recognized or qualified and by who.

Post assessment

Upon passing the necessary examinations and getting the certificate, you might be awarded a designation that you can use before or after your name. This sets you apart from your uncertified counterparts as a certified professional. For instance, certified maintenance managers may add the initials CMM  on a CV on a professional platform such as LinkedIn if they want.

However, because of continuous advancements in technology, and adjustments in the maintenance department to validate your certification certifying bodies would need you to renew your certification via regular recertification exercise. This is done within 3-5 years regarding the type of certification.

Organizations that offer maintenance certifications

Nobody would want to waste their time and money on certifications that do not benefit them in their career. We have a shortlist of widely recognized institutions that offer widely known maintenance certifications:

  • American Society of Heating, refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
  • City and Guilds
  • Building Owners and Managers Institute International. Inc (BOMI)
  • Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP)

Common technician maintenance certificates

  1. CMRT(The Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician) by SMRP (Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals) is a common certification that offers verification of the skills of maintenance technicians in predictive, preventive, corrective maintenance, and troubleshooting.
  2. CET {Master Certified Electronics Technician) issued by ETA International empowers technicians with years of working experience who showcase expertise in many electronics fields.

After operating on machinery and equipment for quite some time you may want to advance into a more supervisory or managerial position within the maintenance department.  You will have to take some certifications that provide you with more responsibilities.

Common supervisory level maintenance certificated

  1. CMRP (Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional) is offered by SMRP. It is geared toward those performing the managerial part of maintenance activities. This certification prepares them for equipment reliability, leadership, work management, planning, and organization.
  2. BSMC (The Building Systems Maintenance Certificate ) offered by BOMI is also referred to as the SMC program. It covers specific information on HVAC, building system maintenance, energy control, water systems, and energy efficiency and control.
  3. CAMT ( Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians) is offered by NAA. The participants are usually apartment maintenance technicians. The course enhances their knowledge in certain areas such as mechanical services, customer service, painting, and HVAC repair among others
  4. PMP (Project Management Professionals) is offered by PMI and is recognized worldwide and is an on-demand certification for people who want to become project managers or team leaders. It gives you recognition to take positions that will advance your career to executive and managerial positions. A PMP can keep you ahead of your counterparts.

In summary, maintenance professionals are advised to improve their knowledge and skills in their areas of operation. In a new machine, CMMS software, maintenance tool, or NDT testing method there is a new thing that someone can learn. Despite the labor shortage in the maintenance industry, facilities that offer good working conditions are in demand. Use the appropriate maintenance certifications to stand out of the crowd and get your dream job.