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Mobile vs. Console: Benefits and drawbacks of each platform

Mobile vs. Console

Mobile vs. Console: Which Platform Wins?

The question about which platform is better to use for playing stays relevant since we have so many different ones where we can run games. But each of them offers unique capabilities with its pros and cons. And today, we want to take a look at mobile and console gaming, examining their features to find out which one wins in this battle.

Mobile vs. Console gaming: the legacy

The history of the consoles started long ago in 1972 with the Magnavox Odyssey which marked the start of the first generation of video game consoles. Those consoles had a very restricted number of games with only a few available to the users and required a TV to connect to, just like modern consoles.

After Magnavox Odyssey, the market started a rapid development and improvement of video game consoles which was pushing the capabilities of the technologies to their limits. Developers tried to bring to the screens scenarios of their favorite movies by adding a gun controller used to play special shooter games and developing sports games, which were the most popular in the past. Developing design and visuals for those projects took lots of effort and time, the same as nowadays. RetroStyle Games is one of the companies providing services helping to create a remarkable visual style for your game, including:

  • Character concept arts;
  • Game background and concept art;
  • 3D modeling;
  • Animations and VFX;
  • Interfaces, game logos, and much more.

Console gaming has been around for over five decades, while mobile gaming just started its way a little longer than two decades ago. Thus, there is not much history behind it. However, some of the first famous games that people could play on mobile gaming platforms were “The Snake” (1997), while the first mobile game was “The Tetris” (1994).

Gameplay differences between Mobile and Console

Mobile and console playing offers an entirely different set of benefits. Console game developers are considering the fact that players will usually enjoy their product in a comfortable environment, which is commonly their dwelling. They will have their headset on, their controller is giving feedback, and the game is played on the big screen. Those conditions force a player to immerse in the project’s atmosphere. Thus, developers are trying to create immersive worlds for console players with lots of ambient sounds and design features.

As you can guess, mobile players don’t have similar capabilities. The main benefit of the mobile gaming platform is that its games are compact and quick to launch. And so mobile game devs are creating games matching those parameters. They are made convenient and portable to suit the devices they are played on.

Money factor

Another element that many players find important is the price of the product. Console games take much more time, money, and effort during development, directly affecting the final product’s price. But remember that they usually give you diverse gameplay with a more extended playtime.

Mobile games have the opposite situation. They are usually cheap with a price lower than 10$, but they take less effort during development. But such prices are conditioned only by the peculiarities of the mobile platform itself, which don’t require a long and thoughtful development.

But what should you choose in the end?

Many people criticize mobile games for their shallow gameplay, which is not quite right. However, they should understand that simplicity of the gameplay is just what the mobile genre needs. But if the simple gameplay of the mobile projects is the only thing that turns you off, we are glad to inform you that many developers are releasing big projects on mobile. For example, you can play a new Diablo Immortal on your phone, which will grant you lots of exciting playthrough hours, and is considered a Triple-A project.

On the other hand, console projects are praised for their exciting plots and deep narratives. But just like with mobile games, the situation is not so obvious. Consoles have different products and not each of them has a complicated plot. Some of them specify the exciting gameplay, others in the multiplayer aspect.

So, after all, you should not choose one or another gaming platform just based on popular opinions. The final selection is up to you and your personal preferences. You just need to consider all the important factors like how much time you have for gaming and how often you stay home. Or maybe you are a busy career person who is always out, then mobile gaming with its quick and easy-to-get games will suit you perfectly for you.