Modern Bobblehead As Fashion Icon

The nostalgic power of a modern bobblehead can turn it into a fashion icon in a series of rampant trends. This is thanks to customized bobbleheads that unleash the creativity of some enthusiasts who know they can dare to use a curious art form. New materials and new technologies allow skilled artists to recreate the features of a well-known character, completing the creation with colors and details so realistic as to convey an emotion to the owner. This is how a bobblehead is created. The customized bobbleheads are a recent version that benefits from ever better artists, capable of reproducing the features of a real individual or fictional character in surprising ways.

How the Shabby Chic style brought customized bobbleheads back to life

The bobbleheads have passed over time as vintage objects, used once to reproduce great sports and entertainment celebrities. Then, the interior design industry changed. Among the most loved and in vogue home decor trends, Shabby Chic has no fear of rivals and continues its ascent towards the success and hearts of furniture lovers.

Artisans began to produce customized bobbleheads that integrate into this environment, thanks to its suggestive patina, recreated to feel and seem aged by time and that precious set of irresistible characteristics such as délabré wood, floral motifs, pastel shades (to break the white). This style of interior design brought to the surface a whole series of trinkets and memorabilia. This romantic style is eclectic and it’s not that difficult to recreate in your home.
The first customized bobbleheads integrated into this style of interior design were those in the shape of candid and innocent animals. Themes such as lambs, cats, or geese were among the first figures sold. Afterward, the trend has been changing towards baby animals, and then on the reproduction of Disney characters, Mickey Mouse among all. But today it is possible to do more, and there have also been evolutions in other styles as well.

The Example Of The Maximalism Style

There is no better example to explain the rise of modern customized bobbleheads to fashion icons than that of the Maximalism style. As the name suggests, it disagrees with the Minimalist style.

Those who furnish their home, or any space, according to this trend of artistic inspiration, blend primary themes of human existence in a riot of bright and contrasting colors. The mix is always pleasing to the eye. It must be: poetry is combined with humor.

The decor is surprising for the rich content. The order leaves room for the liveliness of the colors, which dominates it despite the order never fails to organize properly each piece of furniture. The chair, the bauble, the eye-catching lamp..all is strictly personalized. There is opulence, but there is no exaggeration.

In this context, customized bobbleheads fulfill the desire of those who want to portray people in their most unforgettable moments. Maybe you want to remember a celebrity, and tone down its golden sacredness. Maybe you want to remember a dear relative who disappeared, but without leaving room for nostalgia. The customized bobbleheads peep perfectly in this style that revolutionizes the home with an explosion of liveliness.

Where to find the right customized bobbleheads for you?

When it comes to manual and meticulous work, the problem of the required manual labor is created. If you can’t find the right place where you can order customized bobbleheads and you don’t have access to professional low-cost artists, or to the interior design gurus, then you need to look at the possibilities available today on the net.

Fortunately, there are online solutions, which can follow the needs of the various styles. As I previously mentioned, regarding the Shabby Chich style one can turn to artisans on Etsy, where the phenomenon has grown over the years. These artists create bobbleheads according to the shapes they deem most imaginative or graceful and put them on sale at affordable prices. For those who want to experience the liveliness of the Maximalist style, you can turn to Modern Bobbleheads for customized bobbleheads created on commission.

Each artist grows and evolves, so also the buyer may need changes made on its item. It would always be better to find a catalog of always customizable services ready to meet individual needs, which over time can vary with the changing of fashion.

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