No audio while sharing screen through discord? Here’s the fix!

No audio while sharing screen through discord
Written by Sandip

Discord is undoubtedly one of the fastest emerging streaming platforms in the digital world. However, with growing number of users willing to stream movies, games and what not, the streaming platform has been facing a large number of issues that can kill your mood instantaneously. One of the most recent one is that users are currently facing is the absence of audio while sharing screens to peer members. Don’t worry we have got the fix this No audio while sharing screen through discord error, keep scrolling!

Fix #1: Update your audio drivers

An app is not be fully compatible when the system is running outdated drivers. As a result, the app may not recognize your audio card and may not provide full functionality while streaming. Updating your audio drivers is as easy as few clicks! Follow these steps to fix “No audio while sharing screen through discord”.

  1. Download and install IObit Driver Booster
  2. After installing, open the app, click on scan to check all the outdated drivers.
  3. After scanning, the app will display list of outdated drivers found on a computer.
  4. Click on update all to update the outdated drivers. this may take 10 to 15 minutes depending upon the size of drivers being installed.
  5. After all the drivers have been updated, restart your computer to take changes into effect.

If you’re not getting any sound after this fix, try the next one below.

Fix #2: Clear discord cache/roaming data

Discord uses your account preferences and also generates temporary data while streaming online to ensure that same settings are used as selected in the app. Since there is a possibility of conflict between the old new user account preferences it’s best to clear out old data and let it auto generate with fresh settings preselected for optimum performance.

  1. Exit discord completely by closing all the processes from task manager
  2. Press windows key, type run and open the app
  3. In the dialogue box, enter “%appdata%” and hit enter
  4. Now the roaming directory will open, locate discord folder, right click on it and delete.

If the issue still persists head over to the next fix this “No audio while sharing screen through discord error”.

Fix #3: Check whether you have added the app in discord’s streaming list.

To do that, go through the following steps:

  1. Open discord and the program you want to share
  2. Click on settings icon at the bottom
  3. On the left side, click on game activity tab and click add it.
  4. Drop down menu appears, click on the desired app you wish to share and click add game
  5. After adding, make sure you turn on overlay

Now try running the app with discord and see whether the issue is resolved or not. If issue is still present, come to the next fix

Fix #4 Have you tried changing your browsers?

Many times, browsers are not completely compatible with streaming on other platforms. Try using other browsers (if your primary browser is Chrome) such as Firefox and Microsoft Edge to check the compatibility with discord.

Fix #5: Reset discord voice settings

Incorrect voice configurations may act as a problem while sharing your screen. Follow the steps to reset your discord voice settings.

  • On the main page click on settings at the bottom
  • Click on voice and video on left hand side and click reset voice settings
  • Click OK for confirmation

If the issue still appears then head over to the final solution

Final Fix: Reinstall fresh copy of discord

Now hold on before you start downloading that installer, there’s another step that you need to follow before uninstalling discord. Even after uninstalling discord there are many apps that leave their residue files in the directory and hence causes conflict with fresh installations.

IN order to clean that residue, you will have to install CCleaner. Follow the steps:

  • Download and install CCleaner from the website (its free)
  • Now uninstall discord
  • After uninstalled, open CCleaner
  • Click on health check and then click on next until it starts scanning
  • After scanning, it will display all the junk and temporary files that needs to be removed from system
  • Click on “make it better” to remove all the residue leftover by the app
  • After that click on registry and click on “scan for issues” and after few seconds it will display all registry files that are left over by the app
  • Click on “fix selected issues” and then click “fix all” to remove the leftover registry files
  • Now restart the computer and download the latest version of discord from the website
  • Launch the app and check whether the issue has been fixed

Above situation mentioned should help in fixing out the audio issue if the issue still continues to persist, then it can be for 2 reasons:

  • Your PC hardware is outdated. For that try using discord on another PC and verify the same
  • If the problem is prevalent on other PC’s as well, then most probably it’s a bug from developer’s side. To raise the issue, go to and submit a request for technical Support

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