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Pitfalls of Xamarin Outsourcing

Xamarin Outsourcing

How does Xamarin Outsourcing Function?

Xamarin is an open platform that enables any app creator to build iOS, Windows, and Android applications. This platform was founded in 2011 by a group of engineers. They have previously created MonoTouch and Mono for Android. Xamarin works within .Net. This is an open and accessible sourcing developer platform engineered by Microsoft.  This platform provides developers with many valuable tools, programming libraries, and languages to develop and create mobile, web, and desktop applications. Their code will be compatible with any operating system, regardless of the programming language they use, such as C++, F#, or Visual Code. It will work like a native application. This platform takes these valuable features to novel and developed levels. It gives an opportunity to its users to create applications that can run without any issues with almost all major operating systems existing in this field. The development of the application through Xamarin can be done on PC or MAC with the help of Microsoft Visual Studio.

Xamarin works beyond the scenes connecting the shareable code and the exiting platform code. To have access to the initial APIs of each platform, it offers two commercial products; XAmarin.iOS, and Xamarin Android. With the features that it provides to the developers and the extensive knowledge of each platform, one can create unique platforms that may meet the requirements of any customer. Many successful app development companies like The American Cancer Society, OLO, and others use Xamarin outsourcing to bring their ideas into reality. The advantages that this outsourcing gives make it applicable for any system and make the app creating process more straightforward. Its toolset allows any developer to create one app but makes it compatible with all the current operating systems. The developer should create a code for one platform than with this platform make it applicable for the other platforms. The ease and convenience of this platform have helped to gain a lot of popularity among the developers. This outsourcing platform operates within .Net. This allows a developer to save a lot of valuable time and get the best outcome of the work.

The advantages of Xamarin

The advantages of using Xamarin for any app development are many. Here are some of them;

  • A developer can use the code on many platforms, thus reducing the application time. Xamarin uses the .Net framework and C# language to build cross-platform apps. To build an app with Xamarin, you must use the data structure or logic of the app, API, and C#, which means that it is functional with both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • The apps developed with Xamarin perform like natives. The data used for developing Xamarin apps resembles the programming languages for developing native apps like Java for Android and Swift or Objective-C for iOS. Moreover, it tries to develop its performance to a level that will allow the users to create more native-like applications. It also provides tools to test and control the functionality of the developed applications.
  • Hardware support for Xamarin is more significant than some other outsourcing platforms. Any developer may create an application without worrying whether it will be compatible with this or that operating system. The toolset of it is so flexible that it allows it to work with all exiting modern operating systems like iOS, Android, and Microsoft. Xamarin also links your initial code to the native libraries of those operating systems, thus saving your time.

Xamarin Outsourcing

The drawbacks of working through Xamarin

Like any other outsourcing platform, Xamarin has its pitfalls too. To learn more about this mobile banking app development platform, it is good to check the disadvantages.

  • Lack of speed to the latest versions of mobile operating systems. Since the coding depends on the Xamarin team, it is sometimes difficult to catch up with the new versions of operating systems. Once one of the operating systems launches its new version, its team should create a new coding library to provide the app developers with a new toolset. Although Xamarin claims to support the latest updates as soon as possible, sometimes delays occur, which may lead to disappointment.
  • There is limited access to the other open-source libraries. The usage of open-source technology is becoming more and more widespread in the world. Despite this, Xamarin users may use only components provided by Xamarin or .Net. They do not give the opportunity to use other open-source technologies which may enhance the app developing process. Although it has well-developed open-source libraries that are entirely enough for app developments for iOS and Android, some excellent native libraries are not supported by Xamarin.
  • Lack of team members for Xamarin. Its community is not as big as iOS and Android. This means finding a professional Xamarin developer is not as easy as it seems. It does not matter that it works with the support team of Microsoft, and according to some reviews, the Xamarin community makes up only 10% of the whole mobile programming team.
  • The apps work at a low speed and take more space on the device. The apps that are developed through the Xamarin toolset are heavier and slower than the native ones. It may be even four times heavier than the ones created by Java or other native app developing platforms. This is because API usage, the more it is, the larger space it takes on the device.

Final Words

Xamarin is one of the most popular and helpful app development tools. It helps app developers create apps in a fast and efficient way. Albeit its popularity and its wide range of advantages, this platform has some pitfalls. Any developer should take them into account to have better results. As an app developer, one may save a lot of time using this. He can apply the same initial code to create apps for Android, iOS, and Microsoft operating systems. But sometimes, the larger size of those apps may discourage many users from installing them.