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Pointers for using mugs for promotional purposes

Pointers for using mugs

Printed mugs and other gift items are ideal for birthday parties or casual events. These days various business meetings use these products as a token of appreciation for their employees.

Irrespective of the reason, you can use printed mugs to express your feelings and emotion. There are vast choices available in the market. However, if you understand the printing method used on these mugs, you can rest assured of the quality and cost of the item. The value of the drinkware differs from one place to the other. It depends on the quality and printing method used on it. If you want to get a professional and classy look, you must learn about these methods.

Reasons why promotional coffee drinkware is popular

Market surveys revealed impressive figures, which suggest the growing popularity of promotional coffee mugs. Branded mugs receive increasing attention from the consumer base. Apart from this, these mugs are handy from different perspectives. You may use it at home, for your office, for a midday break, and the like. Drinkware that comes with a logo makes an impact on the user.

You get to showcase your creativity on promotional mugs.

Apart from the practicality and usability, custom mugs provide you with an advantage for giving exposure to your creativity. The surface area provides you with an opportunity to use your imagination and catch the attention of your potential customers. Whether you are using these mugs for your employees or clients or simply for promotional purposes, making them attractive is your responsibility. Effective promotion of a brand has a lot to do with the promotional mugs. Hence, you must have an understanding of the different printing methods used on these items. When you understand these, you will get to use the one that suits your budget and design.

Widespread techniques standard for printing coffee mugs

For showcasing the image or logo, different companies use unique methodologies. For getting the best results, you must contemplate the reason behind the popularity of each technique. For example, most companies go for promotional mugs, while others provide gift items. The fact that you may love taking coffee breaks is a reason behind its popularity. A sip from your favorite coffee mug can change your mood. Moreover, the drinkware lasts longer compared to other elegant options.

Direct screen printing on mugs is underway

The method is ideal for simple designs on bone and earthenware mugs. The process includes the passage of ink through different screens, and stencil helps in applying color.

However, the holes in the stencil affect the appearance and final image of the mug. Thus, it is excellent for small designs, but it demands image registration.

Why must you look into litho printing techniques?

Another widely popular printing method for coffee mugs is litho printing. It is not something new. It is an age-old procedure of placing the print on a ceramic or bone china mug. The design or image is litho printed. You can use unique papers for the process. After the coating process is over, waterslide transfer helps in printing. You may hire Print Best print on demandas they use the latest procedures. They provide the best results in no time. The color is applied manually and directly on the drinkware. However, the technique is a bit slow and is labor-intensive.

Hey, do you have any ideas about digital photo printing? 

The process of printing designs or images directly on coated paper is called digital printing. It is similar to the transfer print procedure. Waterslide transfers help in applying the image or design. Hence, it offers permanent artwork and a full-color look. It is an excellent method for drinkware that requires high-quality text or images.

Pad printing used on promotional drinkware

For printing logos, pad print technology is ideal. For etching images on the item, it is an effective method. High-performance material like ink, plate, and good printing pad helps in creating outstanding design. The creation of logos on metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, and silicon mugs requires this technique. However, you cannot use it on earthenware drinkware. The method is similar to the screen-printing process used on the curved surface. You may use four colors and premix them for using it as ink. It minimizes the chances of image distortion. Hence, the final product you will get in hand is glossy and attractive.

In comparison to other marketing materials, coffee mugs are a better alternative. It is because it develops a strong relationship with the other party and maximizes brand exposure. Hence, it is a win-win stage for the brand as well as the client.

In addition to this, dye sublimation is another method gaining popularity on promotional mugs. It offers crystal clear outcomes along with vibrant colors. Furthermore, the process uses organic colors in addition to heat transfer for desired artwork. Thus, you can look into the details of each method so that you can choose one to blend with your taste. Moreover, the quality of the mug also decides the quality of the print. Therefore, you cannot expect premium results from inferior-quality mugs.