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OSRS Strength Guide – Make Your Character Powerful Fast

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Have you been trying to level up your strength quick? Then here are the OSRS weapons and gear to use.

You may be an OSRS player that may want to focus on other factors in the game such as OSRS GP or honing some of your crafting skills. With that being said, it leaves quite a lot of players that haven’t taken the time to level up their strength skill. Considering that, here are some pointers on how you can level the skill up quickly. Ultimately, your strength skill comes down to how much power you have in melee, so we are going to be taking a look at two key factors with Old School Runescape weapons and gear.

Which OSRS Weapons to Use

Choosing your Old School Runescape weapons can be a difficult choice since you need to remember that even though slow weapons hit harder, faster weapons hit quicker and more consistently, so you can expect a higher output rate of XP. You should also keep in mind the weaknesses of certain enemies when choosing your OSRS weapon to see if they apply to the monsters that you are facing at the time.

For your first 40 levels, you should consider using the Brine Sabre or Scimitars. The Rune rendition of the latter is a good choice for lower levels and won’t set you back too much OSRS gold, so don’t worry about having to buy OSRS gold. The Brine Sabre however is a better choice courtesy of its slash and strength bonuses, though they do cost more.

From level 50, we can start looking into Granite weapons. Specifically, you will want to check out the Granite Hammer, which is your best choice of Granite weaponry, though it is rather expensive for you to purchase. You could consider the Granite Longsword instead, which doesn’t hit as hard but it will cost far less.

Once you have reached level 60, then you are going to want to switch focus to Dragon weapons. The Dragon Scimitar for example is a cheap option compared to other OSRS weapons at this level, so you will see a lot of other players using it. To get your hands on this Old School RS weapon you will need to finish the first Monkey Madness quest. Otherwise, the Dragon sword is a good choice, though it will cost more and doesn’t have as many bonuses. You could also choose the Dragon longsword as a cheaper choice, though it is slower than the scimitar.

If you have reached the heights of level 70, then check out the Abyssal Whip. This is the weapon of choice at this level, though if you are only intending to train strength then there is a better choice. The Saradomin Sword is something that you should consider since it is less expensive compared to other choices at this point. It is also very effective against low defence monsters as well, though you could always opt for the Abyssal bludgeon to get that crush advantage.

From level 75 onwards, we will be taking advantage of the best OSRS weapon in the game for training melee with the Ghrazi Rapier. It will set you back a lot of OSRS gold, however, so you could choose the Abyssal Tentacle or the Blessed Saradomin Sword instead. If you can get the Staff of the Dead then this can be an effective slash weapon.

Best Gear to Use

For your helmet, choose either the Serpentine Helm or the Helm of Neitiznot. These are great choices that can give you strength bonuses, however, the former has a better defence bonus. For your body, check out the Fighter Torso or the Bandos Tassets. The Chestplate has the better defence bonuses, though they both give high strength bonuses. Using the Bandos Tassets will give you the same bonuses too.

Equip the Dragonfire Shield to give you further strength bonuses, and the Dragon Defenders give great damage per second rates too if you have unlocked them. To keep up with the bonuses, have the Infernal Cape equipped, and combine these with the Recipe for Disaster Gloves, the Dragon Boots, and the Amulet of Glory.

Your final recommended piece of gear is the Berserker Ring. You can imbue the rings once you get to the Nightmare Zone, and this particular ring is a great choice since it is an all=round useful ring for all forms of melee combat.

So now that you have an idea of what gear and OSRS weapons you need, you can go ahead and get started on your journey to maxing out your strength skill. You will need to have a decent budget for your OSRS gold for certain choices, but in the long run, they are great choices for you to consider using in order to get your levels up quick.

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