Reasons why 14-inch gaming laptops from Razer is cheap

Reasons why 14-inch gaming laptops from Razer is cheap

The Razer Blade 14″ laptop is a great and cheap machine to play games, watch movies, or do other tasks that require more power than a netbook can provide. It has been praised by many reviewers as one of the best gaming laptops in its price range. The Blade’s design is very similar to the MacBook Pro 15″, but it comes with an Intel i5 processor instead of the Macs’ quad-core CPUs.

This means that the Blade will be able to run most games at medium settings without any problems. However, if you want to get better performance out of your Blade, you’ll need to upgrade it. With that at your fingertips, this article seeks to share with you why 14-inch gaming laptops from razer are cheap

14-inch gaming laptops

Durable good

The good thing about the Razer Blade is that it is made of quality materials. Its keyboard is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it durable. This is unlike the plastic keyboards found in some other laptops. The display is also protected by Gorilla Glass 3, which is scratch-resistant.In addition, the Razer blade 14-inch boasts a screen that is not only strong but also flexible. You won’t have to worry about breaking it when using it on the lap because the screen bends easily. If you’re worried about dropping the laptop, then don’t be.

Entertainment value

It is easy to use the Razer Blade because it has a touchpad and a full-size keyboard. Those who are used to typing on a regular keyboard will feel right at home.

However, if you prefer to use a mouse, there is no problem with that either. In fact, the touchpad is so sensitive that you can even control the cursor with your finger.

Good on the go

If you’re looking for a portable device that you can take anywhere, the Razer Blade is just what you’re looking for. It weighs less than 3.92 lbs, making it easier to carry around.

Moreover, it has a battery life of up to 12 hours. That is enough time to last through a long day of work or school.

Spending for Solid State Drive (SSD)

One of the things that make the Razer Blade stand out among other laptops is its SSD drive. It uses the latest technology called PCIe SSD, which allows faster data transfer rates compared to traditional hard disk drives.

With this feature, you can expect to enjoy fast loading times while browsing websites and opening files.

14-inch gaming laptops

Core count matters

The reason why the Razer Blade 14-inch costs less is that it has a low core count CPU. It comes with a dual-core i5 processor with 4.6Ghz, which is much cheaper than quad-core processors. As such, you will save money when buying the Razer Blade.


In a nutshell, there are several reasons why the Razer Blade is cheap. These include durability, portability, and speed. Considering these factors, you should buy this laptop if you’re looking for a powerful yet affordable gaming laptop. Check out here for more information

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