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Reasons why Indian students should study in Singapore


In India, students will usually get admission to a professional college or another graduate course after they complete their higher secondary or 12th standard studies. The career prospects of a student depend to a large extent on the college to which he or she gets admission. While students who graduate from the top colleges often have a large number of job offers, other students may find it difficult to get a suitable job. Increasingly students from different parts of India prefer to study in Singapore after the 12th. Some of the reasons why Singapore is becoming increasingly popular for Indian undergraduate and graduate students are described below.

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Ease of admission.

In India, it is very difficult for a student to get admission to a top college, because of the high levels of competition. Thousands of students are competing for a seat in the top college, so the student has to spend many hours daily studying and his family also has to invest a large amount in coaching. Many students have other interests, or are not able to spend much on coaching, yet are interested in studying in a reputed college. Compared to India, there is less competition for admission to Singapore colleges, so students who do not do well in the entrance exams in India will find it easier to get admission to the best Singapore colleges.

Affordable cost.

Typically Indian students who wish to study abroad will usually go to the United States, Europe, and Australia where the cost of living will be higher. Additionally, the cost of traveling to these countries will also be higher. In comparison, being an Asian country, the living expenses in Singapore for students are usually lower. Since Singapore is on the same continent as India, the cost of travel, especially air tickets will be far lower. So it is cheaper for the student or his family in India to travel to Singapore or vice versa.

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Cultural reasons

Students are usually living away from their parents for the first time when they study abroad and are often feeling homesick. Compared to other countries, Singapore has a large number of people of Indian origin who are either permanent residents or living in the country for professional reasons. So it is easy for the Indian student to find suppliers of Indian food and other items which he will require. He can also easily make friends with other Indian students having similar backgrounds and interests and feel less homesick. The student is also less likely to face racism in Singapore since it is an Asian country.

Better career prospects

The top Singapore universities are often affiliated with top universities in the United Kingdom like Portsmouth University, Northumbria, Sunderland. So management, engineering, or another professional degree from these universities will be recognized in Europe as well as Singapore. The universities work closely with businesses to ensure that their curriculum is updated, so students are well trained in the latest techniques and technology. Based on the demand and personal preferences of students, the university arranges for an internship as well as campus placements, so that students get the best career opportunities.