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Save Big on your shopping and get huge discounts on SBI Yono via GyFTR


The company I am working with is a startup. It’s been more than 2 years since I have gotten associated with it. When I joined, it was a reasonably new entrant in the market and was only 2 years old back then.

My wife had even told me that joining such a new company in the market could be a bit risky. However, for some reason, my gut told me that this opportunity could turn out well for me. Perhaps it was the business model that attracted me. It was something new and fresh. I wanted to know how it felt to work for a startup.

Now, it’s been almost two years since I joined this entrepreneurial venture and things have been going very well. In fact, the 5th anniversary of the company was quite close and our CEO had planned to host a party at his farmhouse. We were a team of 25-30 people so it only made sense to keep the party at a place like that. The date was fixed and needless to say everyone was quite excited.

I thought about buying a gift for him! So, naturally, I started searching on the internet for gifting ideas. I came across various websites that sold Gift Vouchers. However, as I am an SBI card holder, I searched for deals and extra offers that I could avail with my SBI cards Luckily, I found SBI Yono website. I found it to be an amazing online platform that was selling Vouchers for all top brands like Myntra and Pantaloons Auric at amazing discounts.

It felt like I had hit a jackpot because all my future shopping needs were sorted as well. I discussed it with my wife and we finalized a Titan Gift Voucher for my boss. On the night of the party, I opened the website and instantly bought Titan’s Gift Voucher worth INR 5,000 denomination.

The best part about shopping from SBI Yono was that there is a ‘Send as gift’ option also present right under the denomination section. This enables a person to do the shopping for their dear ones like I did for my boss and subsequently bought a lot of stuff for myself and also for my family members. I feel it is a great website where you can shop for all the leading brands at attractive discounts. If you love shopping then you should definitely check out this platform.