SEO Basics: Perfect Beginner’s Guide to SEO

SEO Basics: Perfect Beginner’s Guide to SEO

When getting into an online business, you must understand the importance of SEO. That is why SEO experts Los Angeles advises you to have some SEO basics. They are essential in giving you online visibility. When you need advanced SEO, you can hire SEO expert Los Angeles. They are the best at their work. You will be awed at how fast they help your business rise in SERP ranking.

Many have a misconception that SEO is hard. Well, it is as easy as you are willing to practice. There are hundreds of SEO tricks that SEO experts Los Angeles practice. But as a fresher, you only need to understand the basics and apply them with wisdom. This article will learn about SEO basics and what it takes to rank ahead of your competitors.

Learn What Your Customers’ Want

Optimizing content merely is writing a piece that answers clients’ queries. There are plenty of query platforms like Quora and Reddit that you can find the conversations going on. You can see the most sought answers in your niche. You can draft a detailed content around the question and drive massive traffic to your website. Use different methods to understand your customers.

  1. Search the most common way people search for your business. You will observe a trend in words and the sequence they use. Write down the common phrases. You can search the lines and identify the keywords you can use for your content.
  2. Use the keywords to identify other keywords that can drive you to the same kind of content.
  3. Understand how the keywords perform. Analyze all the metrics from competitiveness, keyword difficulty, and search volume.

Create Search Engine Optimized Pages


Design pages to satisfy and attract your readers. Ensure that the site is responsive so that it is accessible both on desktop and mobile. The user experience should be top-notch. Remove the annoying pop-ups and opt-ins.

Enhance the on-page optimization. Use the most profitable keywords in your niche. You can use plugins to support on-site SEO. For instance, SEO experts Los Angeles recommends you use YOAST for WordPress.

Align your content with search intent. When people browse the internet, they are searching for informational, transactional, and informational content. Google strives to satisfy the needs of the readers. So, they observe the trend of the information readers are searching for and push it up the ranks.

Use Compelling Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

Meta titles and descriptions play a vital role in SEO. The meta title is the title that pops up when you insert a query. There is a URL for the page below the title. Then the meta description gives a brief overview of the content.

Use a meta title with a keyword. Also, ensure the words compel browsers to clock on the site. SEO experts in Los Angeles advises you to use 60 characters or less. Any additional character is slashed by google. Also, the meta description should not exceed 164 characters.

Use Short and Readable URLs

The search engine derives the topic of your page from the URL. So ensure that the URL is readable. Also, avoid long URLs as it may confuse the search engines. Some users make the mistake of shortening the URL. The process replaces the words with words and characters that humans cannot translate.

Include the focus in your URL. It helps in the ranking on SERP. If you are using a long-tail keyword, you can use a phrase or some words. The URL should look as natural as possible.

Use Headers and Subheaders (H1 and H2)

Search engines use the HTML format of H1 to H6 to read the structure of your page. Use the on-page title at the H1 tag. Ensure it contains the focus keyword to make it visible on google. Avoid using more than one H1 tag per page. All the other headings on the page should be under H2. If you need to subdivide the content, go to H3 and so on.

Use Optimized Images

Humans understand visuals in a fraction of a second. It is not the same for the search engines. Thus you should describe your image for the search engine. You can use Google Cloud Vision API to identify the image.


As you have seen from the points above, SEO basics are easy to understand. Assure that the content is easy to understand for humans and search engines. Also, the search speed should be excellent so that it increases the user experience. SEO experts in Los Angeles reminds you that many people use mobile to browse. Thus ensure your site is mobile-friendly. Lastly, create a site map for google bots to understand your site.


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