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Shopping Online with Confident Steps: A How-To Guide

Shopping Online with Confident Steps

You had a bad customer experience on platforms like Amazon and now you have lost your trust? Don’t worry, it can happen to anyone, especially to the new kids on the block! However, this is not a problem to worry about – it’s incredibly easy to fix. Once you know the secret of locating legitimate online sellers, you will enjoy all the perks of eCommerce!

The marketplace you’re shopping from doesn’t really make a difference, and you know why? Because the rules are all the same, and you can adopt them whenever you feel like it.

In most cases, platforms like Amazon try to get rid of dishonest and rogue sellers by deactivating their stores, but here’s the thing: they always come back! These sellers start working with Amazon reinstatement services, and if they have good specialists, they reactivate Amazon seller account suspensions with their eyes closed! As you can see dishonesty is still a thing on online platforms… So, let’s dive deeper and understand what rogue sellers have in common!

Suspicious Reviews

It’s a rule of thumb that you don’t buy products with bad reviews: otherwise, it would make no sense! However, it’s not really about having bad reviews, it’s actually quite the opposite!

Sellers who are not really into selling and providing customer service usually use review generating services. This means that they are getting reviews on a regular basis, and most of them, as you have guessed, are positive.

Additionally, it won’t be that difficult to detect the fake ones: they are “too correct” and “too polite!” The real ones usually show what the buyer was actually thinking while leaving a review, and not the opposite. Moreover, if the review is too generic and doesn’t give you enough information, it’s most probably fake. To better understand what we’re talking about, look at these two reviews and try to find the right one (both of them are taken from actual reviews):

“Worth the price. Not extremely good quality but good for the price.”

“Good variety of rings however I’m a size 8 and this is meant to be an 8.7, definitely not. If planning to buy  these make sure you know they run small would probably only get if wearing a size 6.5 or under”

See? It’s quite easy to detect reliable reviews!

Seemingly Good Prices

Let’s be honest: in a world where you have to pay for everything, you need to save some money when it’s possible. So, if two different sellers are selling the same product at a different price, most of the customers will definitely choose the cheaper one, right?

However, this is not always a thing to consider while shopping online! Of course, some sellers have a wholesale business, which justifies the low prices, but are you really sure that every seller with low prices has the same business model?

This is why you shouldn’t fall for prices so easily – cheapness is not always a good thing!

Extra Tip for Amazon Customers

If you’re planning to do some Amazon shopping, then you have to know about Amazon FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon. This is a service that helps sellers prep, pack, and ship the products, which means that the chances that products will get damaged or be defective are relatively low.

So, if you notice the “sold by Fulfilment by Amazon” sign, just know that buying this product is safer than doing that from a random seller. Of course, there are many legitimate sellers out there who don’t make use of Amazon FBA, but how can you find them?


 In any case, online shopping is always risky: you don’t have tangible products on hand and you don’t know what to expect. However, if you know how to detect dishonest and fly-by-night brands and sellers, you won’t fall into the trap: it’s guaranteed! Once you’re equipped with enough knowledge, nothing can break you: so get cracking!