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Snapchat Planet Order: What Does it Offer

Snapchat Planet Order

Snapchat Planet Order reflects your close friends. Each planet represents your close ones on Snapchat. It is also based on their app interaction. Snapchat is one of the most famous social media networks. You can stay connected with your oldest friends on Snapchat by maintaining a range of friends lists.

A premium version has been launched called “Snapchat +”. This allows you to rank your friends. Now, if you want to know about the Snapchat Solar System Order means, then keep reading the blog till last. You should also know that Snapchat introduced a membership. Snapchat Plus offers some new exclusive features. But, many Snapchat users are not fully aware of the Snapchat Planet Order. Worry not because we have got your back.

What is the Snapchat?

Snapchat is a software application developed for entertainment purposes. It is run on mainly smartphones and also on Tablets. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS software. The application enables its user to upload videos or pictures that are called “Snaps”. The unique thing about these snaps is that they disappear after some time of viewing.

Snapchat Planet Order

Another feature of Snapchat is the “Chat function” just like instant messaging services such as WhatsApp. The chats also disappear once they have been viewed. This distinctive feature of Chats Snapchat is liked by some users but also criticized by others. But you can change the settings to 24 hrs for vanishing the chats after this period.

What does Snapchat Solar System order mean?

The order of Snapchat’s Solar System is associated with how close a friend is to you. But the Snapchat Planet order will work once you and your friends possess Bitmoji. Now, let`s elaborate on it furthermore. The new premium feature has gotten some limelight from Snapchat users around the world.

Snapchat+ Planets utilize the solar system to maintain an order of your best eight friends from closest to least. All you have to do is click on “Best Friend” and that`s how you will find out about your rank in the planet system of your friends list. For example, if you are on the planet “Mercury” then you are closest to your friend.

Those who are using the Snapchat Plus subscribed version, they may notice that there is two friends list. One is a simple “Friends” list with a gold ring and the other one is the “Best Friends”. If you see the Best Friend Badge with a gold ring, that represents closest friends.

You must be aware of the fact that there are recently eight planets in the solar system. You represent the Sun and your friends represent the planets. The close you are to the Sun the more best you are to your friend. You must have an idea as a Snapchat user that planets are represented by emojis as well and the solar system planet order is as follows:

  • Mercury (Pink planet with red hearts)
  • Venus (Beige planet with pink, yellow, and blue hearts)
  • Earth (Blue & Green planet with moon and hearts)
  • Mars (Red planet with blue & purple hearts)
  • Jupiter (Orange planet with no hearts)
  • Saturn (yellow planet with a ring)
  • Uranus (Green planet with no hearts)
  • Neptune (Blue planet with no hearts)

What does Snapchat plus Offer?

The new feature of Snapchat Plus is appreciated by Snapchat users globally. The new Snapchat version is quite revolutionary. Snapchat+ has been introduced some months ago and since then it has had mixed reactions from users. But this new feature of the new version cost a price. Only particular subscribers will be able to utilize this feature. The subscription may cost north of $3.99. A free trial period of seven days is also offered.

We would recommend subscribing to the subscribed version and checking out the amazing feature by yourself. This feature if used positively could save a lot of time energy and resources. Basically, if your social circle is quite big and you want to remain in contact with mainly your best friends, then this feature is going to save you from hassle.

Snapchat Solar System Explained

If you are assigned a planet in your friend list and you are unable to figure out what your planet means then worry not we will tell you in detail.

Planet Name

Snapchat Planet Image


MercurySnapchat Planet Order1st Closest to your friend
VenusSnapchat Planet Order2nd Closest to your friend
EarthSnapchat Planet Order3rd Closest to your friend
MarsSnapchat Planet Order4th Closest to your friend
JupiterSnapchat Planet Order5th Closest to your friend
SaturnSnapchat Planet Order6th Closest to your friend
UranusSnapchat Planet Order7th Closest to your friend
NeptuneSnapchat Planet Order8th Closest to your friend

Snapchat Planet Order FAQs

Following are the frequently asked questions about Snapchat Planet Order:

Q1. What is Snapchat?

Ans. Snapchat is a software application developed for entertainment purposes? It is run on mainly smartphones and also on Tablets. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS software. The application enables its user to upload videos or pictures that are called “Snaps”.

Q2. What is Snapchat Planet Order?

Ans. It is an order of solar system planets showing how close you are to your friend or how close a friend is to you.

Q3. What does it mean by Snapchat Planet?

Ans. Snapchat Planets represent close and close friends in the Snapchat app.

Q4. What does it mean by Snapchat Planets on Snapchat Plus?

Ans. It is also a fancy way of representing your friends.

Q5. How to acquire a Snapchat Plus subscription?

Ans. Follow these steps to get a Snapchat + subscription:

  • Snapchat plus subscription
  • Tap Profile
  • Choose subscription plan
  • Now complete the payment process


Snapchat Planet Order represents how close a friend is to you in the Snapchat Friends list. Basically, you are represented by the Sun, and the closest a plant is to the sun the best he is a friend to you. That’s how Snapchat Planet Order works.

Please let us know with your comments on the easy steps that we have carefully summarized for our esteemed readers. Keep visiting Qnnit to stay updated with the latest guides regarding different aspects of Snapchat. If you want to know how to remove yourself from a private story then visit our page.