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StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar: Which One Is Right for You?

StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar

There’s no denying the fact that webinars are invaluable, whether you want to promote your company’s products or services or if you are looking for another income stream. But before you can host your first webinar, one of the first things you need to do is find a suitable webinar platform.

When it comes to webinar software, two of the more popular options are Stealth Seminar and EverWebinar. To help you settle the StealthSeminar vs. EverWebinar debate, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two.

Stealth Seminar and EverWebinar — a side-by-side comparison

While Stealth Seminar offers plenty of features that will appeal to most people who intend to host live webinars or create automated webinars, the people who can truly benefit from it are those with limited tech skills and business owners who need to don multiple hats for their ventures.

EverWebinar, on the other hand, has earned a good reputation among people who want to make their automated webinars look like live events. This is particularly suitable for webinar hosts with audience members from different time zones or even countries.

To make an apples-to-apples comparison between the two webinar software, it’s a good idea to see how each stack against the other using a few critical points. This can help you make an objective decision on which to choose, EverWebinar or Stealth Seminar.

Plans and pricing

While price should not be the only factor you should use in choosing which webinar software to use, it is critical to find software that matches your budget. This is particularly true if you are just trying to dip your toes in the proverbial waters of hosting a webinar.

Among the two, Stealth Seminar is the more beginner-friendly, offering a free trial. Aside from that, the webinar platform also has different monthly plans, so you are more likely to find one that suits your budget.

EverWebinar, on the other hand, offers annual plans. It does, however, also offer a free trial for beginners.

Customization features

If you want to integrate your company’s branding with the webinars you are planning to host, it is an excellent idea to choose a webinar software that offers you different options.

Here, Stealth Seminar stands out by offering a few nifty features like custom CSS, language support, and marketing webhook. You can even use a few third-party services to get more functionality out of the platform. Do take note that Stealth Seminar doesn’t work with Zapier.

EverWebinar allows you to add different third-party software. However, integrations might be challenging because of the lack of clear guidelines for this purpose.


When hosting a webinar, especially a live one, you want to put your best foot forward. That means minimizing or even eliminating tech glitches.

When it comes to reliability and streaming quality, Stealth Seminar has a leg up over EverWebinar. This is because, with the former, the users host the videos.

This translates to better quality videos, especially if your viewers are using their mobile phones.


Looking at hard data enables you to see what’s working and what’s not. And when you know these things, you can improve your overall results. The same thing applies to webinars.

Here, EverWebinar is the clear winner. Although Stealth Seminar provides data, it offers very little.

EverWebinar is perfect for people who like to crunch and interpret numbers. It can offer insights on different metrics ranging from the number of live event attendees to the average time spent watching webinar videos.

Chat features

Whether you are hosting a live or automated webinar, engaging with your viewers is essential. And one great way to do that for both is the live chat. So which webinar software does it better?

Here, there’s no clear winner between the two as they do a great job. Both allow you to transfer comments to your live webinars, allowing these to scroll while people watch your automated webinars.


Apart from living chat, you’ll also need a few features to engage your audience. These features include automated polls and just-in-time scheduling. Who does it better, EverWebinar or Stealth Seminar?

Stealth Seminar. The webinar software has built-in features like social media alerts, registration pages, call-to-action, and webinar audience help. You can even share files with your attendees.

Split Testing

A/B testing is useful if you want to optimize your campaigns to maximize your desired results.

When it comes to finding which copies and landing page designs resonate with the largest possible people, both EverWebinar and Stealth Seminar offer these features.

However, Stealth Seminar stands out because it allows you to test multiple elements, not just your landing page.

StealthSeminar or Everwebinar — making a final verdict

If you are on the market for automated webinar software, EverWebinar and StealthSeminar are great options that you should strongly consider. But instead of just looking at just one review, consider reading what other people have to say while taking into account your unique needs and preferences regarding an automated webinar software.