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WoW Classic – How to Protect Yourself in the Naxxramas Raid

Naxxramas Raid

No matter what kind of player you are, here is what you need to know to survive the Naxxramas Raid.

When it comes to the Naxxramas raid, nothing is going to be more effective to you than WoW Classic bags full of consumables to help guide you through it. Ultimately, what you are willing to spend on potions and such will determine how successful your raid experience goes. If you are willing to be generous in parting ways with your WoW Classic gold in a bid to prepare for the likes of the Naxxramas raid, then you stand a much better chance.

The sheer size of Naxxramas, inhabited by 15 World of Warcraft Classic bosses, is why you need to make sure you are prepared. This is a raid that is longer and bigger than other raids before it in this rendition of World of Warcraft Classic, with more Classic WoW bosses to take on than ever before. So without further ado, here is a list of items that all players should have in their WoW Classic bags prior to this fight.

Greater Shadow Frost Protection Potion

When you reach the last two fights, you are going to need a lot of frost resistance potions. This is especially important against Sapphiron, otherwise, you are more than likely going to fall to the Classic WoW boss. These potions will also allow you to absorb the damage that is dished out by Kel’Thuzad, which you are going to be grateful for in such a frantic fight.

Greater Fire Protection Potion

We have ice-covered, but what about fire? This isn’t quite as vital as its frozen counterpart, but it is still going to help protect you against Grand Widow Faerlina when Rain of Fire is being used.

Greater Shadow Protection Potion

You are probably getting the idea by now with these protection potions, but they are vital and most certainly worth mentioning. With this potion, in particular, it is going to come in useful in Ahn’Qiraj. It again probably won’t be used in abundance like the frost version, but you will still want to absorb some of the poison damage that is coming your way.

Greater Shadow Protection Potion

The last of the greater protection potions are required in the battles with Four Horsemen and others. You will notice that throughout the Naxxramas raid that there is a lot of potential shadow damage coming your way, so you will want to make sure that you are protecting yourself from it. With plenty of these potions in your WoW Classic bags, you should be able to keep yourself safe in some of the raid biggest fights.

Heavy Runecloth Bandage

If you do frequent raids then you might roll your eyes at the prospect of using a bandage in such situations. However, when it comes to the Classic WoW boss known as Loatheb, you are going to be glad you took bandages with you. In this fight, you will not be able to cast more than a couple of times if you are a healer, so these items are paramount to your survival.

Limited Invulnerability Potion

How you use this potion will be a deciding factor between success and failure of its worth. You won’t be able to be killed for a period of six seconds, so it can get you out of a sticky situation. That being said, it does have a two-minute cooldown period, so you need to ensure you manage your time well.

Major Troll’s Blood Potion

We spoke earlier about how bandages are a necessity, and of course, staying alive is your prime objective here. With that in mind, having this potion is going to go a long way in keeping you fighting, with 240 health coming your way for each minute of the battle.

Juju Chill

We also mentioned the importance of protecting yourself against frost. In fact, it is probably one of the most important protection potions out of the entire list. This is going to become very apparent when you are going up against Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad. Therefore, having Juju Chill to help increase your frost resistance is going to come in very handy indeed.

With these consumables in your WoW Classic bags, you are more than ready to take on the Naxxmas raid. It has 15 WoW Classic bosses in total which is a record for WoW Classic, so you can probably see why already you need to have as many options, and once you get a glimpse of the size of Naxxmas, you will be more than happy to part with your WoW Classic gold to prepare for it.

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