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Technology Essay Topics

Technology Essay Topics

The technology space is ever-evolving. New developments are defining aspects of our lives. At times, it takes work to cope with recent technological advancements. But, we cannot downplay the relevance of technology in our lives ranging from health, education, entertainment, politics, and finance, among many more.

Finding the perfect topic that captures the essence of technology is difficult. Most students often struggle to find a good technology essay to research further. The main secret is finding a technology essay topic of your passion that perfectly blends with your personal life.

This article captures the intricacies of finding a technology essay topic and how to craft a compelling and exciting essay for your relevant audience.

What Is a Technology Essay?

This type of assignment is similar to any college essay that requires deep research skills to present a credible argument. It is an academic project that tests your skills in data gathering, outlining, editing, critical thinking, proofreading, and presenting a solid assignment.

A good paper includes a solid thesis statement, exhaustive body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph that restates your thesis statement.

The marking criteria by your instructor for your essay involve showcasing your grasp of the essay topic and applying critical thinking to offer a deep analysis of various academic sources in support of your argument.

Selection Criteria of Topics

Technology Essay Topics

According to experts at Payforessay, the first step in writing your technology essay is finding a suitable topic. It is recommended to choose a topic that reflects your personal interest.

Here are basic guidelines when choosing a suitable topic for your essay:

  • Is it a topic of interest to you?
  • Is the topic up-to-date and interesting?
  • Can you find credible sources to back your main argument?
  • Do you fully understand the requirements of your essay?

After answering these questions:

  1. Dissect different topics of interest for your essay.
  2. Look through the initial drafts and find a suitable topic for your paper.
  3. Later on, perform preliminary research on the chosen topic.

The last aspect before finding your preferred topic is reviewing the topics mentioned.

Popular Technology Essay Topics

There are numerous topics to choose from in the technology industry. Here is a simple breakdown of popular options to choose from:

  • Impact of Technology on Modern-day Healthcare
  • How education is changing due to technology
  • Rise of artificial intelligence
  • Is cloning technology the new future?
  • Relationship between gender and technology
  • How technology is shaping the job market
  • History of technology
  • Integration of technology in modern-day learning
  • Use of technology in modern-day warfare
  • Dependence of today’s society on technology
  • Price of automation on the human workforce
  • Organic food vs. processed food?
  • Rise of electric cars
  • Application of virtual reality in education
  • Technology in today’s finance sector
  • Measuring the intelligence of AI machines
  • Need for internet safety for kids
  • Solving food crisis with new technology
  • Traditional cars vs. electric cars
  • Impact of social media on our lives
  • Technology innovations changing the health industry
  • Governments’ dependence on new technology
  • The true potential of IoT
  • The entertainment industry is changing with the technology
  • First AI movie?
  • Role of health information system
  • Food science and technology
  • Role of technology in international relations
  • Use of technology in nursing practice
  • Technology and learning experiences
  • Ethics in communication technology
  • Value of technology advances
  • Application of technology in childhood development
  • Role of technology in aviation security
  • Sustainable development in technology

In-Depth Technology Essay Topics

Here is a more in-depth look at different technology topics to choose from and what to include when writing your paper:

  • Introduction of the goal line technology in football – Football matches’ competitive and high-stakes nature calls for the right decision-making when it matters. Goal line technology provides a more precise outline of goal line clearances or goals that impact results on a match.
  • Information technology impacts e-learning – This paper looks into different aspects of e-learning and how introducing information technology in schools can boost students’ performances and outcomes.
  • Technology in military operations – This paper relates the weaponry used by militaries in different nations as a way of combating. It explores the introduction of drones and bio-weapons while checking the ethical applications of these tools in today’s landscape.
  • Technology and health status of individuals – This paper assesses how dependence on technology makes individuals less active in performing different physical activities, leaving more individuals exposed to health threats.
  • Impacts of technology on society – This paper assesses the overall impact that technology has on the well-being of society at large. It investigates various societal limitations caused by technology, such as joblessness, mental health, and many more.
  • Is social media worth it? – This topic will discuss the pros and cons of social media in the global community. Some positive impacts include enhancing communication and freedom of speech. Some negative effects include the spreading of false information, data breaches, cyberbullying, and data mining by big companies.
  • State of cybersecurity in the current landscape – This topic will dissect how technology influences cybersecurity, especially for governments. It will look at past events of cyber attacks and threats and the impact it bears on national security.
  • How technology can help conserve the environment – This topic will discuss how technology can reduce environmental degradation while offering alternative energy renewable resources that protect the environment. Also, it will assess the impact of technological advancement in aiding environmental degradation.
  • Are our online data safe and secure? – This topic revolves around online privacy amidst heightened surveillance. It will review some privacy laws, and company acts caught in data mining users’ information for marketing strategies.
  • How technology and healthcare meet – This topic will address the latest technological advancements and applications in the healthcare industry to ensure better patient healthcare.
  • The future of cars with electric vehicles – This topic will address whether most people are getting sensitized to the prevalence of electric cars and how they can shape the future with reduced emissions from petrol and diesel cars.
  • The rise in biometric technology and its implications – This topic will address the latest advancements in the biometric field ranging from fingerprint sensors to facial recognition in different sectors such as security, finance, and many more.
  • The growing culture of technology in growing human relationships – For a long time, technology lacked the human element. However, this paper will address how people use technology through dating apps to enhance intimacy and grow relationships.
  • The rise of the 5G network worldwide – The introduction of 5G has been heavily debated, especially by different governments. This topic will address the potential impacts of rolling out 5G technology worldwide- the positive and the negative.
  • Use of technology to boost e-commerce – This topic will address the application of technology in boosting trade while assessing behavioral patterns such as consumption rates and trading volumes between countries.
  • How technology reduced human interactions – Does technology limit human interactions? This topic addresses the potential impacts of technology on human interactions. It will address how people can choose Skype or Facetime instead of face-to-face meetings.
  • How blockchain technology is disrupting global economies – This topic will discuss the impacts of adopting cryptocurrencies as a store of value and unit of account and how it impacts traditional currencies such as the Dollar and its powers.
  • How the Internet gives people freedom of speech and expression – This topic will address how the Internet gives people a sense of freedom to express themselves and their individualities. It will examine real-life examples of how infringed rights affect people and their freedom.
  • The future of robotics -This topic will discuss the implications of integrating robots into the job market and their impacts on people’s job security. Will all workforce turn to robots over the human workforce?
  • Ethical implications of artificial intelligence in warfare – This topic addresses whether it is ethical to introduce artificial intelligence in modern warfare through AI-powered weapons.

Tips and Tricks From Experts

There are viable options on how to ace your grades with this type of assignment. The first option is to use a reliable paper writing service to handle your assignment. This is helpful, especially when pressed for time with tight deadlines.

The second option is to write the paper yourself. Prepare to make some mistakes, but with proper determination, you will have a high-quality paper. Here is a basic guideline:

  • Research – Search for credible sources from up-to-date sources to formulate convincing arguments backed with evidence.
  • Outline – Create an outline of relevant information and topics for your essay.
  • Introduction – Write a clear and concise introductory paragraph with a solid thesis statement.
  • Main body – State all information obtained from your research process while providing supporting arguments.
  • Conclusion – End your essay with a solid concluding paragraph that logically states your main points.
  • Proofread – Review the entire essay while checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Bottom Line

Finding the right topic for your technology essay should not be difficult. Go through the list above and choose one that suits your agenda. Moreover, follow the basic essay writing guide to present a compelling, high-quality, and engaging essay.