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10 Tips to Get More Twitter followers to your Brand

Tips to Get More Twitter followers

For companies and brands, Twitter has become an indispensable mainstay in PR marketing and public relations. Anyone who builds up an active following gets attention and boosts brand exposure on social media. No wonder, after all, more than 200 million people around the world now use Twitter to get their words out to the world. 10 Tips to Get More Twitter followers to your Brand.

This is applicable to small businesses and big brands as well. A large number of companies use Twitter to inform customers or target groups, to get in contact with them, or even to offer support services. If you do it right, your company can quickly generate a considerable number of followers and consequently generate continuous attention for your own brand.

But how do you manage to build a steadily growing base of followers?

The decisive factor here is the interaction with users on Twitter whose tweets are often retweeted, favored, or mentioned, which increases their reach – and thus also the number of followers. Companies should consider a few tricks for this like to purchase 100 Twitter followers and to track progress. Ten tips to get more followers.

Twitter followers to your Brand

1. Tweet in All Days

No more than 19 percent of companies tweet on the weekend, but this is not an old practice. There’s a lot of room for improvement that businesses should use for themselves. Not every social media manager feels like working on the weekend. Fortunately, there are a number of tools businesses can use to prepare and schedule their Tweets.

And it’s definitely worth it: users particularly enjoy interacting with brands at the weekend via retweets, favorites, and clicks, 17 percent more than during the week. With the social auto-post tool, you can write your tweets on Monday and schedule from Monday to Sunday, you can even set the time to send your tweet. While at sleep, you can tweet on Twitter on autopilot. You can also target other geographical regions in your posts.

2. Tweet with Pictures

While only a short message of 140 characters or so is allowed on Twitter, you can say much with just an image. As a brand or even small business, you should always attach a link to an image or graphic to your tweets. It has been statistically proven that this increases the interaction rate of the audience by almost 100%.

3. Tweet Less Than 100 Characters

After writing 140 characters, the Twitter hammer falls on you, tweet on the short message service cannot be longer. Above all, however, companies should ensure that they always write below this limit value. In general, the shorter the tweet, the more attention it arouses among users.

Tweets with less than 100 characters generate around 17 percent more user interactions. If brands add a link to a tweet, the optimal tweet length is between 120 and 130 characters. These numbers come from social media researcher Dan Zarrella, who examined 200,000 tweets, and several other researchers.

People are always in haste when they’re online, and spend a little reading content on social media. Tweeting a short post means people can get your message at glance, and can thus interact.

4. Target All Ages

It is true you have a target audience in business marketing. However, in this competitive business ecosystem, you should target all mature ages in your campaign. You can target ages below the age group of your target audience to prepare them to get your products or services when it’s time.

Analogous to numerous other forms of marketing or public relations, the right target group thinking also plays a role on Twitter. In the meantime, not only young people with an affinity for the Internet use the short message service. In fact, the fastest-growing user group is between 55 and 64 years old. Companies should therefore try to address as many age groups as possible with their tweets in order to increase their reach.

5. Don’t Tweet Without a Hashtag

Less surprising, but still effective: hashtags. The indexing of tweets with the help of the small hash help users to find content on a certain topic more easily. Companies can benefit from an interaction rate that is twice as high. But be careful, companies shouldn’t overdo it.

Statistically, the interaction rate decreases in proportion to the number of hashtags used. One or two hashtags per tweet are good.

6. Tweet for Mobile Users

When you as a business interact with your followers, you are primarily addressing users of mobile devices. 66 percent of user mentions to companies on Twitter come from a smartphone or tablet. Accordingly, companies should always prepare their tweets as “mobile-friendly” as possible.

This includes the linking of responsive websites in tweets as well as the direct linking of other people’s Twitter accounts, should they be relevant in the short message. In combination with hashtags, users do not get into the mess of opening their mobile browser for more information. This creates sensitivity for more interaction and lowers the “follow” hurdle on the part of the user.

7. Tweet at the Right Time of Day

Companies need to pick up their (potential) followers at the right time. For example, wherever they have time to take their smartphone out of their pocket. It has been proven that Twitter is used for this purpose in the morning on the way to work or in the later hours of the afternoon. However, we do not recommend you post in the evening, between 5 and 7 p.m. and – of course – the night hours.

8. Tweet with the request to “Retweet

Admittedly, this strategy works as a “quick-dirty” trick, but it has been proven to be incredibly effective. Tweets in which the user or the company asks for a “retweet” have a twelve times higher chance of being spread directly than other short messages.

Companies should definitely prefer the written word “Retweet” to the common abbreviation “RT”. This is because it ensures comparatively fewer interactions.

9. Tweet with links

It is clear that the method described in point 9 is not popular among followers. At best, it can provide more followers in the short term. It is a healthy middle ground if companies consistently put links in their tweets instead – because they are also gladly retweeted. Frankly speaking, with an 86 percent higher probability.

10. Tweet and use direct messages

As a Twitter study has shown, users who particularly like to retweet are very sensitive to direct messages. 122 percent more than other users, to be precise. At this point, there is a lot of potentials for businesses to pick up users via this function with corresponding messages.