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The Best Entertainment Apps of 2021

Best Entertainment Apps

One of the best things about the invention of the smartphone is that there are so few opportunities to be bored! With thousands of entertainment apps available at the tap of a screen, it has never been easier to pass the time. Whether you’re waiting for a bus and looking for entertainment during your lunch breaks, these apps are guaranteed to keep you busy while you have plenty of fun at the same time.


Disney+ is an on-demand and ad-free streaming service filled with hundreds of blockbuster movies and hit tv shows. Disney+ rivals some of its most popular competitors as it features brands like Star Wars, National Geographic, Marvel, and Pixar all under the same app. Compatible with almost all devices, including gaming consoles, Disney+ is a must-have app for those times when you just need to watch something.


If you like memes, then iFunny is the app for you. Upload your own favorite GIFs, memes, funny pictures, and comics and share them with your friends, or simply scroll through fresh new funny content being uploaded every day. One of the most popular humor apps out there, this will keep you entertained for hours!


Doublicat is a free app that allows you to create memes and GIFs with your very own face! Using deep fake technology, you can face swap with celebrities to create a realistic result in any video, GIF, or image. Swap your face in an image and animate it or make any image sing and dance! You can also upload your results to share with the other users in the app.


Another on-demand streaming app, Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching tv episodes and films. The app comes as part of the monthly subscription, so although it isn’t free, it is worth the investment as you get instant access to unlimited trending TV programs and movies. The app tracks your watch history and shows you recommendations based on the movies you enjoyed the most.

PokerStars Casino

One of the most popular gaming apps on Android and iOS is the PokerStars Casino app. Try your hand at a huge selection of live table play games such as Blackjack and roulette or choose from games and slots such as Cashzuma, Starburst Slots, Stars Mega Spin, and more. Join more than 100 million people in the world’s biggest online casino in this super easy-to-use app.

Best Entertainment Apps

Bubble Wrap

Everyone loves bubble wrap! This free app is the ultimate bubble wrap simulator for iOS, ideal for relieving stress on a rainy day! Simply touch a bubble to pop it while watching the counter in the top increase or play one of the three mini-games: Blitz Pop (pop as many bubbles as you can in a minute), Pop 500 (how fast can you pop 500 bubbles), or Pop All (how fast can you pop 2,000 bubbles). The best part is, you never run out of bubbles to pop, and it’s great for the environment!


If you love listening to podcasts, Moonbeam is an ideal way to discover new shows and series. Recently rated one of Google’s best apps of 2021, Moonbeam is ideal for podcast enthusiasts. Swipe through your personalized curated feed of podcast “moments” to discover gems that you might not have heard of otherwise and save them to your library. Easily share your new finds with your friends and family


This plant identification app is perfect for finding out the names of those flowers or trees on your daily walks! If you’ve ever wondered what the name of your favorite bloom is, this app is the perfect way to get an accurate identification. Including useful plant tips, care reminders, and a light meter to help you care for your plants, this is an ideal app for the budding botanist.

Whether you’re looking for games, podcasts, movies, or humor, there is an app for all your entertainment needs! The only trouble you’ll have is working out which one to use first.

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