The Best Phablet Phones In 2021

The world of high-end phones is increasingly varied, and if we combine it with the phablet world that even Apple entered, it is even more so. The phablet market continues to grow and companies such as Samsung have bet heavily on it. Find below some best Phablet Phones.

What makes up the high-end?

I have tried to be objective when it comes to including the following terminals. While some will object to the choice of Phablet Phones, or why others with a lower price or better value for money have not been included, in the high range it should also provide things that are not usually taken into account. Such as the quality of the manufacturing, the durability of its screens, the combination of operating system and hardware, etc.

Currently, the best Phablet Phones screens are created with OLED technology. Because the pixels are illuminated individually on these displays, the blacks they reproduce are truly black, with more variation between the bright and dark areas. It also allows a reduction in consumption since if you have to show a pure black the pixels do not light up. Additionally, these higher-quality OLED displays are typically compatible with High Dynamic Range (HDR) images, allowing you to view content with high image quality. Netflix has activated this type of content in HDR for various high-end phones.

Manufacturing quality is also important in a high range, and it is required that they are the best and with the best designs. Having the best hardware in a plastic case does not give the feeling of a premium product. Generally, aluminum is used, with a glass back if you want to allow wireless charging of the device, and in many cases, they will have a waterproof and dustproof exterior design. They also have large batteries and fast charging, to recharge mobiles from zero to one hundred percent battery in less than an hour to an hour and a half.

List of smartphones

Below you have the best high-end mobile phones and best phablet phones according to our criteria and tastes. The list is not ordered by any special criteria, because each one will look for something different in them. Some that have a great camera, and others that have a better price even if it is from other years.

Samsung Galaxy S20 series

Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 is a top-of-the-line mobile phone that proves that Samsung is not resting on its high-end laurels. The base model is in addition to the smallest high-end there is, with 151.7 mm height and only 163 g weight, and includes a good design with almost no screen frames, although it has a bullet in its upper central part. This is 15.7 cm Dynamic AMOLED 2X with 3200 × 1440 pixels, 120 Hz refresh rate, about 1000 nits of maximum brightness although it usually stays at about 800 nits without reproducing HDR content, it is compatible with HDR10 +, and 240 Hz sampling I touched.

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Best Phablet PhonesBest Phablet Phones

The processor, depending on the country, is a Snapdragon 865 or an Exynos 990, with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of UFS 3.0-type storage, with a micro-SD card reader. The battery is 4000 mAh, but combining the 120 Hz display and FHD only achieves a screen usage duration of 9-10 hours, or 10-11 hours if switched to 60 Hz and QHD. It is charged by a USB Type-C port with up to 25 W, which takes around an hour and a half to fully charge, and it has 15 W wireless charging.

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Best Phablet Phones

The main camera of this mobile phone is 12 Mpx with ƒ / 2.2 width and 120º wide-angle, the secondary one is 12 Mpx with optical image stabilizer and ƒ / 1.8 aperture and 79º angle, and the third one of 64 Mpx telephoto with opening ƒ / 2.0 and 76º. The front is 10 Mpx. The rear camera records video at 8K and the front camera at 4K.

Galaxy S20 Plus

As for the changes of the Galaxy S20 +, the screen goes to 17 cm, although it is considerably larger with 161.9 mm × 73.7 mm × 7.8 mm, the battery becomes 4500 mAh and gives greater autonomy, and includes a Fourth rear camera sensor for depth effects. Check Price on

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Best Phablet Phones Best Phablet PhonesBest Phablet Phones

Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Galaxy S20 Ultra is similar, but it has some major changes. It is a 17.5 cm (6.9-inch) screen tablet with a resolution of 3200 × 1440 pixels, with 1200 nits of maximum brightness and HDR compatible. The rear camera improves to 108 Mpx with video capture at 8K, the secondary one is 12 Mpx at 120º, the tertiary is 48 Mpx for telephoto with 100x digital zoom, and the fourth is the same in-depth. Check price on

.Best Phablet Phones






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Best Phablet Phones


iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 line of phones is quite similar in shape but somewhat different in the background. Externally they have the same design, the iPhone 11 in aluminum and a highly durable glass back, and the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max are made of steel and glass. This time they all arrive in a greater variety of colors. All are waterproof and dustproof and IP68 certified. Check price on

They all share a processor, a very powerful A13 Bionic, and a minimum of 64 GB of storage. The screen varies by model. The one on the iPhone 11 is a 6.1-inch IPS type with 650 nits maximum brightness, the iPhone 11 Pro has a 5.8-inch OLED with 1200 nits maximum brightness, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 6.5-inch OLED. They all reproduce high dynamic range images and are great displays.

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Best Phablet Phones Best Phablet Phones Phablet Phones

Apple has increased the battery size of the 2019 iPhone, giving the iPhone 11 one more autonomy, and the other two four and five hours of use. Unfortunately, it maintains the Lightning charging connector instead of switching to a USB Type-C already, but they do accept 18W fast charging. Only Pro models come with 18W USB Type-C to the Lightning charger, while the iPhone 11 comes with the 5 W.

The rear camera of the iPhone 11 is a dual 12 Mpx camera, with the secondary sensor being 120º wide angle. Apple has greatly improved the taking of photos in low light or at night making it perhaps the best phone in this field, and with good light, it takes really great photos and therefore is among the five best cameras on mobile in 2019. The camera improves a lot compared to the iPhone Xs, especially when activating HDR.

The iPhone 11 Pro adds a third 12 Mpx sensor for two-magnification optical zoom. The front camera is also 12 Mpx, and both the front and the rear record video at 4K and 60 f / s, with the front recording in slow motion at FHD and 120 f / s, and the rear at FHD and 240 f / s. s. The iPhone 11 is the best mobile to record video thanks to all the changes introduced by Apple

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