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The Best Practices of Emailing PDFs

Emailing PDFs

There are many file formats that anyone can use. The perception that these people have of the different file formats varies considerably. If sending a casual document, you may not be bothered by the file type of your document, but if it’s a resume or an academic document, you will put in some effort for your document to look presentable and professional. By sending your document in a PDF format, it helps to elevate its level of professionalism, among others.

Here are the best practices when emailing PDFs.

1. When using Yahoo!, Outlook, Gmail, or another webmail client

Sending PDF documents using yahoo, Gmail and outlook are more similar, so here is how you can do it in Gmail.

  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on the compose button
  • Input the email address of the recipient
  • Click on the attach-files option, find the PDF file then open it.

Ensure that the PDF file doesn’t exceed 25MB, because anything bigger than this won’t attach. Fortunately, you can use available PDF mail merge to create one big document that looks professional than mailing several pieces of documents. This helps to ensure that they don’t get lost. It also makes organizing your documents easier.

2. Google Drive

If you have a PDF file that has been stored on your Google Drive, you can send it to someone without having to download it. You can send someone this file type without converting it. The first way to do this is to upload the file directly from Google Drive. The second is the easiest because you can send it in the form of a shareable link. If you allow anyone who has the link to access the file, then they will be able to access it. You can copy the link manually and send it as part of the email to the intended recipient.

3. Through DropBox

DropBox allows you to attach and send a PDF file to other persons. The process is the same as Google drive. First, you have to upload your file into your Google drive and get the link. You can choose to share the file with anyone who has the link. Copy the link and send it to the person as part of your email. You can also opt to attach it directly to the email that you are sending. If you are sending sensitive files via DropBox, you can choose to use a password. In your sharing settings, you can indicate that anyone who has the password can access the file. Lots of SEO Agencies use tools like this to better manage their systems.

Alternatively, you can send a document using FileWhopper, a new online file-sharing service that allows transferring files and folders of any size quickly and securely.

PDF and Security

If you are sending out documents that are sensitive or academic, converting them to PDF file format before you send is advisable. You can password protect your files to ensure that they aren’t tampered with by anyone. One amazing feature of PDF files is that they cannot be edited virtually. They can only be viewed, but not altered in any way.