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The Cost-effectiveness of Hymen Repair Technology and Access to Healthcare

Hymen Repair Technology

Doctors such as Mark Solomon MD and other plastic surgeons across the world are offering services that include hymen repair. Hymen repair, also known as hymenoplasty, refers to the repair and restoration of the hymen in a woman’s vagina. This part of a woman’s body is a very thin membrane that will be torn upon the woman’s first time in intercourse. For some cultures, a virgin bride is still very important and women seek to have their hymen repaired to ensure their husbands will be pleased with them. Other women in different cultures will want to have this surgery because of sexual trauma or abuse. This surgery will help them to feel whole again.

Still, it is a surgery performed by a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon, and it is not going to be covered by health insurance. Many people believe this should not be the case. As such, doctors that perform this surgery are always looking for ways to reduce the costs to their patients in order to get them in the doors, and walking out feeling like a stronger woman. Learn more about hymen repair technology and how that is impacting access to this surgery here.

Costs of Hymen Repair Surgery

Hymen Repair Surgery is performed all over the world legally, but there are some countries such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands that have banned or criminalized it. That has made access to this surgery very difficult and costly for some women. Some women have to travel to a different country and assume those costs, in addition to the costs of the surgery. The average cost of a hymen repair surgery in North America will be approximately $2,000 to $3,000, but this can vary by practice and can be as high as $5,000.

Some women that are seeking hymen repair surgery are doing so at a very young age, and do not want their future husbands or family members to know that it is happening. This puts a heavier cost on the surgery, as means will be assumed for women in this position, which puts them at a greater financial disadvantage. Women with full family support will also suffer financially for the same reasons.

When women can not have this surgery due to costs, they will seek lower-cost surgery. This could put their health at risk, which makes the cost-prohibitive nature of this surgery even riskier to the patient. Patients that are able to find locations with cost-effective measures in place will, most importantly, be healthier women when they walk out the door.

Types of Hymen Repair Surgery

There are two key types of hymen repair surgery. In one, the hymen is repaired through invisible and dissolving stitches in order to store the tissue. Where there is no hymen to repair, the surgeon will create one using skin from the surrounding area. The second type of hymen repair surgery involves the use of a laser. This is a technology that may add to the cost of the surgery overall but will reduce social and professional costs to the patient. They will pay less for anesthetic as this can be done with a local anesthetic, and will be able to return to work sooner.

For every moment in surgery, there is a cost. If the surgeon needs to perform additional work, the costs will increase. In some hymen repair surgeries, a general anesthetic is used. This could increase the cost of surgery by as much as $1,000, or even more depending on the area of the surgery. Adding technology to this surgery increases the cost-effectiveness of the surgery for both the surgery and the patient. It also reduces the recovery time which makes for a successful surgery.

Research Doctors Performing Hymenoplasty

When you are considering getting a hymen repair, research your doctors. The surgery will be an out-of-pocket expense in most locations. However, most doctors today want to have more patients and know that cost-effectiveness is important here. The time spent researching doctors for a hymen repair is less costly than getting the wrong one.