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The Freedom Debt Relief Story

The Freedom Debt Relief Story

In 2002, Brad Stroh and his schoolmate Andrew Housser, graduates from Stanford Business, realized a gap in the debt relief industry. According to their analysis, there was a significant issue with individuals finding consumer-friendly options when struggling with debts.

So, as a solution to this problem, the duo pioneers of modern finance created Freedom Debt Relief. So, if you intend to learn the Freedom Debt Relief Story, you are in the right place.

Origin of Freedom Debt Relief

The year 2002 was when the worldwide economy dealt with the dot-com bubble and the resulting recession. As mentioned earlier, it didn’t take long before Andrew Housser, and Brad Stroh noticed something. People had two techniques of attempting to negotiate unsecured debt terms. But such practices are not rare in the financial world. Unfortunately, regular consumers could not gain much ground with prime financial firms.

And that’s where these business school graduates came in. The duo felt that they could introduce an improved and more consumer-friendly face in a cutthroat universe of financial losses and gains. And from these foundations, these two pioneers of modern finance launched Freedom Debt Relief.

Created with a dream

Brad points out that they shared a common idea when he met with his partner Andrew at the Stanford Business School. And the idea was to develop an outstanding business that could grow and positively impact the community. The result was a firm that aligned with the duo’s core values.

The core dream of creating Freedom Debt Relief was out of the basic need to help struggling, striving, and underserved American families and individuals level the playing field through offering these groups equal opportunities to make headway with their finances.


Freedom Debt Relief’s mission has been a consumer focus from the beginning. Freedom Debt Relief Company features a distinctive culture dedicated to offering customer care on a personal level. Ultimately, an individual’s spending habits might be pretty personal. The more reason everything in Freedom Debt Relief revolves around consumer empowerment.

That’s not all. Besides consumer service, Andrew and Brad’s debt relief company also guides the increasing consumers’ wealth after getting out of debt. Why? Because the company believes wealth equals freedom. 

Leading the consumer-focused debt relief

Freedom Debt Relief’s employees, including their leaders Housser and Stroh, maintain their thought leadership in the debt relief field. The firm is an American Fair Credit Council’s original founding member, which promotes adherence to industry best practices.

Additionally, Freedom Debt Relief maintains its lobbyist attribute for credit card individuals. In 2010, the company’s team led an initiative to establish federal laws that regulate debt collector behavior and actions. Thanks to the Federal Trade Commission mandate, it is illegal for debt collectors to apply psychologically abusive tactics while settling debts. You can learn more about Brad Stroh and the Freedom Financial team at the Freedom Debt Relief website.

Freedom Debt Relief, Information, and Power

Freedom Debt Relief staff, led by Housser and Stroh believe that information is power. Typically, it is essential to have all the necessary information when negotiating with one of your creditors regarding one of your past-due accounts.

And that’s why Freedom Debt Relief targets giving their consumers everything they need to assist them in getting out of debt quickly. Having all the data required to arrive at a settlement before beginning negotiations improve your success chances. 

Final Word

Housser and Stroh and their Freedom Debt Relief have now been in the industry long enough to witness the company’s lobbying efforts’ outcomes for individuals owing an unsecured debt.