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The six best maps in CS:GO


Maps in the game CS:GO have different levels of popularity and strongly depend on the preferences of the players. After all, not all gamers set a goal to become professional players. Without such ambitions, no bad options seem to Office and Agency locations, where the main task is not planting bombs, and rescuing hostages.

The popularity of maps in classic Matchmaking and on the FaceIt platform differs, as each option has its own preferences for the target audience. Based on overall score and game frequency, we can highlight the six best maps in CS:GO:

  1. Mirage is one of the most popular maps in CS:GO and is often used at the competitive level. A huge number of users play only at this location, as far as FaceIt is concerned. Others are bored with it because it does not allow for development. Visually the map looks like a city of one of the Arab countries. It combines a variety of places to attack and defend, as well as numerous ways to move around the map. Today there is a huge number of strategies that allow you to successfully communicate with the team on Mirage.
  2. Inferno. If you like Italian culture, then you will definitely be running this map a lot. It is named because of the street, which is located near the terrorist base. Against the backdrop of other locations here, players have a variety of options to get to each of the bomb plotting points. It is also worth noting the narrow streets, which seem to be specially designed for combat encounters.
  3. Dust 2 is one of the most famous maps in the history of the Counter-Strike series, which became popular again in CS:GO. Almost every gamer, who 15 years ago downloaded version 1.6. ran it Dust2. This map has a simple structure and is a great place to practice shooting and tactics. Launching it the user finds himself in one of the cities of Iraq. In 2022 the developers decided to remove the map from the official map, replacing it with Anubis. In fact, both maps are similar to each other.
  4. Nuke is a map that is usually used at a competitive level and requires good team play. At different times, different teams have had a series of a large number of cards won in a row on Nuke. We are talking about such teams as NIP, Astralis, and Na’Vi. The map itself is located on two levels. The action takes place in one of the nuclear power plants. This location is quite heavy for old computers, so not all players can run it.
  5. The overpass is a map created specifically for CS:GO. it has a complex structure and numerous collision points, which makes it ideal for team play. The action itself takes place in one of the metropolitan areas. This is evidenced by the presence of a playground, a railroad, a bank, and high-rise buildings around. In addition, it also has a huge area of open space, which offers great freedom of action for players.
  6. Ancient is one of the last maps added to the official map pool. It looks interesting because it resembles a jungle in a South American country. The name itself says that the plot here is about Ancient Civilizations. Many experienced players say that visually Ancient and reminds Aztec map, which was in demand in the Source version.

Far from always the developers of Counter Strike Global Offensive add new maps to the game. Accordingly, such releases arouse the interest of the target audience. As well as the availability of in-game items. Today, it is possible to sell CSGO skins instantly. To do this, use the functionality of the Steam platform, or register an account on the site of the project, created for the exchange of items.