Spider Solitaire Card Game is a game that is generally played with two suits which means 104 cards in total but it is not compulsory that all the spider solitaire card games require two suits, it can vary. There are many website and applications launched that contains the spider solitaire game, the app is required to install and complete the registration process asked. There are numerous variants of the sport solitaire game like Spider 2 Suit, Spider 1 suit and many more, the game has a good range of variety, players can choose among the games they know and wanted to play. There are some variants of the spider solitaire card game, some of them are listed below ;

  1. Spider 2 Suit – It is a two-suit game that is played by two full decks of the cards, i.e, with 104 cards generally with spades and hearts. The first deck is assembled in ten piles and the other change as the cards get removed leaving one at the last.
  2. Spider 1 Suit – Ut is generally for beginners who are new to the game and have less knowledge about it. The one-suit spider solitaire is also played with two decks but to reduce the complexity level, all the cards are of suit spades. In this game, the player tries to arrange the cards starting from the biggest card which is of the King, and ending up on the Ace card, and once it is done the game is finished.
  3. Gigantic Spider – Boris Sandberg introduced the Gigantic Spider game which requires the use of four decks, i.e, 208 cards with 15 piles. It aims at building 16 sequences in descending order and is more difficult than spider 1 suit and spider 2 suits as the number of cards has increased.
  4. Spiderette Solitaire – It is also a single deck card game in which four stacks are created at the end of the game.
  5. Spider sort Solitaire – This game requires 156 cards which means three full card decks and 12 stacks are created at the end with 13 piles.
  6. Wil’s the Wisp – This game is also played using a single deck of cards in which four stacks are created. The game is quite easy to play and is usually played by beginners.

The website is designed in a very simple manner and even contains a column for help and a guide where step-by-step details of the working of the game are explained and if anyone does not understand it theoretically, the app provides demo videos for better understanding. The game is played by removing the cards and assembling them in a tableau. Ten piles are made with 54 cards. Only the top cards face its front while others are kept opposite. Among the other 50 remaining cards, 10 cards come each time and assemble it selves into ten piles. The layout is designed like this,

  • The cards are arranged in ten stacks in total
  • The first four stacks contain six cards with the last card facing up
  • The remaining six stacks contain five cards with the last card facing up

The game is available on all devices may it be mobile phones or computers but was first introduced in the Microsoft Plus 98.  The game has three versions of it, easy, medium, or hard. The easy versions are mainly for beginners which include 8 Spade packs, the medium includes 8 packs in total but 4 of Spades and 4 of hearts, and the hard or the advanced version consists of 8 packs of two each from all the suits. The game has all three versions, the player can choose among the three versions which he wants to play.

It is among the oldest card games going on for years and people still love it.

The game is available for free just by installing the app but if you are playing with GAMEZZ ONLINE then it asks for some investment which is not huge. The game when played under GAMEZZ ONLINE provides various opportunities to get returns and earn real-time money which is much more than the investment made in the starting. As the game involves money, the users will ask for guarantees and safety regarding their investment. The website clearly states it ps privacy policy and guarantees 100% security. The whole withdrawal and deposit process is completely online due to which the risk is very minimal or negligible.

Spider Solitaire card game has always gained popularity to its method of playing which makes the players curious about the steps they will do so that they can win the game. It gives the players more knowledge about cards and there are different versions so that the beginners can choose the easy version and others can choose intermediate or advanced versions of the same.


Spider Solitaire Card Game is a game that is usually played with two decks. It is generally played by one person. There are many card games like poker, casinos but they need at least two players which is not the case in spider solitaire, a single person can also play the game. So if a person wants to play the game but he does not have any partner he need not sacrifice his need, he can play very interesting spider solitaire. The game is available online making it easy for the players to play as the website allows ready rooms to the players. The best thing about the game is that it is free and does not involve any cost. The one who wants to play the game just has to install the app and complete the mandatory registration process. The game is designed in a very simple manner making it understandable to all age groups. Generally, the game is more popular and is played by adults than the young generation, and as everyone knows the adults are less technical with the devices so keeping in mind their thought the game is designed in the simplest manner it could be.