Tips to Upgrade Your Logo Design

Tips to Upgrade Your Logo Design

Needless to say, logos are the most important Logo Design element… but did you know that logos are a marketing tool, too?

Logo design are found to be significant factors in a majority of business activities, especially marketing activities. As the communicator or representative of your business’s identity, logos have the power to influence your market, competition, and even profits. These are only some of the reasons why businesses do not mind spending fortunes on designing logos.

How Logo Design Increases Your Conversion Rate?

A logo can convert your visitor into your customer. That is due to the decisions that the designer takes regarding its colors, elements, style etc when designing your logo. Read on to find out which factors impact the overall Brands Design and its effects:

Elements and Shapes in the Logo: Elements and shapes are a popular feature in logo designing. These are one of the tools that you would always find besides a font in a logo maker app too. In fact, just like fonts, shapes in the design have a psychological impact, too. Using geometric shapes like square, triangle etc in your logo gives a powerful or authoritative impression as these shapes are not usually found in nature, and represent ‘manmade’ creations. However, each shape has a distinct set of ‘messages’ that it sends when incorporated in your logos. For instance, an upward facing triangle represents the brand as stable, powerful, and growing.

Symbols like stars, hearts, etc are often used for analogies, symbolic meanings, and concepts represented by the particular symbol. For example, hearts are often used for gift services, wedding planners, florists etc. Lastly, and more interestingly, organic shapes like flowers and leaves etc represent an organic or ‘natural’, ‘calm’, and ‘soothing’ brand like spas. On the other hand, there are shapes that do not show a specific element but are rather conceptual and open to interpretation. Usually, creative or artistic brands would use these in their brand’s logo.

Font Style and Size: What you write and how you write it – both are equally important designing factors. Obviously, if the font style you choose is too complicated to read, then it makes your business name easily missed and forgettable. Similarly, choosing a font style that does not match the nature or ‘image’ of your business makes it devoid of any purpose. Imagine using a serious font like Times New Roman for a children’s clothing brand. The design and the message of the text i.e. your logo would be a complete mismatch. A playful and informal looking font would be more suitable to a kids’ brand. As for the font size, readability is the key factor.

Selection of Colors: Colors play a huge part in catching the attention of your customers and hence, influences their purchasing decisions. Many brands make the mistake of thinking that if customers notice the product, they buy the product. However, it is more about ‘appealing’ to the customers rather than just getting attention. This is done by the correct use of colors as per your brand’s nature, your market’s psychology, and the color’s nature itself. Using a warm red color for a winter clothing brand would obviously be a mistake.

Width and Positioning of Lines: Lines are commonly used in logos in one way or the other. How those lines are used determines what impact your logo has. Thinner strokes are used to display delicacy or elegance while thicker lines suggest a bold and strong nature of the business. Lines that are placed horizontally are often the most easiest to incorporate anywhere and do not have a significant impact on the visuals of the logo, while vertical lines show either rise or fall and have a strong impact.

More often than not, religious brands involve vertical lines in their logos to point upwards which may represent their beliefs of heavens, God, or other concepts. Similarly, the textures of the lines also matter. Lines with jerks and abrupt angles show either excitement or anxiety, while lines with smooth curves or waves represent a softer look and often relate to easiness and flexibility.

Summing Up

It is easier than ever now to design logos effectively especially with a logo maker online free if you have troubles designing on your own. Alternatively, you may hire a professional to design your logo. However, what matters is that you deliver through your logo what your brand represents, and that is how company logo design becomes effective at marketing your brand all by itself.

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