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Top 10 Blogs for Firefighters: Igniting Inspiration and Knowledge

Blogs for Firefighters

As a firefighter, it is essential to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest industry news, technology, and best practices. The firefighting community is constantly evolving, with innovations in safety, technology, and communication playing a crucial role in keeping firefighters and the public safe. To help our brave firefighters stay in the loop, we have compiled a list of the top 10 blogs, including the fantastic APX Data blog, to spark your interest and provide valuable insights into the world of firefighting.

APX Data

APX Data is a leading provider of software solutions for the fire service industry. Their blog is an excellent resource for those interested in learning about the latest innovations in fire service technology. From data-driven fire prevention strategies to smart city integration, APX Data covers a wide range of topics relevant to today’s firefighters. Their optimistic approach to embracing technology and improving safety standards makes their blog a must-read for anyone in the firefighting community.

Firefighter Nation

Firefighter Nation is an online platform that offers an extensive array of resources, including news, training, and community forums for firefighters. Their blog features articles written by experienced firefighters, fire chiefs, and industry experts, covering topics such as fire safety, fire ground operations, and training techniques. This blog is an excellent source of information and inspiration for both new and seasoned firefighters.


STATter911 is a blog dedicated to providing the latest news, videos, and insights on fire and emergency incidents from around the world. Written by veteran firefighter and journalist Dave Statter, the blog offers a unique perspective on firefighting and emergency response, making it an invaluable resource for firefighters who want to stay informed about global trends and developments.

Fire Engineering As one of the most respected publications in the firefighting industry, Fire Engineering’s blog offers a wealth of knowledge on various firefighting topics. From training and tactics to leadership and safety, their blog posts are written by experts in the field who share their insights, experiences, and lessons learned to help firefighters continually improve their skills and knowledge.


Firehouse is a comprehensive source of firefighting news, training, equipment, and more. Their blog covers a wide range of topics, including health and safety, fireground tactics, and fire service leadership. With articles written by experienced firefighters and industry professionals, Firehouse’s blog is a valuable resource for staying informed and inspired.

Firefighting in Canada

Firefighting in Canada is a leading source of firefighting news, training, and technology in Canada. Their blog covers a broad spectrum of topics, including training, safety, and technology, as well as case studies and personal stories from firefighters. The optimistic and forward-thinking approach of the blog makes it a must-read for firefighters looking to stay ahead of the curve.

The Fire Critic

The Fire Critic is a blog run by firefighter Rhett Fleitz, providing a candid and personal perspective on the firefighting profession. Covering topics such as training, safety, and leadership, The Fire Critic offers a unique and insightful look into the life of a firefighter, making it an engaging and informative read.

Fire Aviation

Fire Aviation is a blog that focuses on aerial firefighting and aviation safety. With articles about aircraft, technology, and the latest news in aerial firefighting. Fire Aviation is an essential resource for firefighters involved in or interested in aerial firefighting. The blog highlights the crucial role that aviation plays in modern firefighting efforts, showcasing new technologies and strategies that make aerial firefighting safer and more effective. The optimistic outlook of the blog highlights the incredible advancements being made in this sector, making it a must-read for those eager to learn about the future of firefighting.


FireRescue1 is a comprehensive online resource for firefighters, covering a wide range of topics, from news and training to health and wellness. Their blog features articles written by experienced firefighters and industry experts, providing valuable insights and practical tips to help firefighters stay informed, safe, and prepared. The optimistic tone of the blog inspires firefighters to continually learn and grow in their profession, making it a valuable resource for anyone in the fire service.

Firefighter Toolbox

Firefighter Toolbox is an online platform dedicated to providing practical tools, tips, and training to help firefighters succeed in their careers. Their blog covers topics such as leadership, fitness, and fireground tactics, offering actionable advice and insights from experienced firefighters and fire service leaders. The blog’s positive and motivational approach encourages personal growth and professional development, making it an excellent resource for firefighters of all ranks.

By staying informed and engaged, firefighters can continue to improve their skills, stay safe, and better serve their communities. Dive into these blogs and ignite your passion for learning and growing as a firefighter in today’s ever-evolving world.