Music can unite people of all continents, irrespective of discrimination. Look around and you will see people of all ages and groups enjoy listening to music. Furthermore, the charisma and reach of music have no bounds. Each day, artists release new musical hits and albums.

Music also helps in healing sorrows, woes, pain, and depression. It’s only natural for students to get research papers on Music, considering its importance in countless people’s lives. An argumentative essay is one such writing task. Luckily, writing my paper cheap services online is a blessing for students.

Selecting the Right Argumentative Essay Topic on Music

  • Select a theme that’s trending or popular
  • Pick an argumentative music essay slant that’s debatable
  • Choose an issue with enough supporting evidence and facts from both sides.
  • Refrain from emotionally-centric music topics
  • Scan for controversial music topics
  • Don’t pick overly expansive or limited coverage. You have a word limit to consider.
  • Avoid biased topics

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Useful Mediums to Pick Argumentative Music Topics

Proper research is the key to finding unique argumentative music topics. Below are some resources you can use for topic ideas.

  • Existing music-centric debates on social media
  • Research papers on argumentative music themes
  • Books and journals (online and offline)
  • Academic published articles and reference materials
  • Visit the college/university library for music topics
  • Consult your professor for topic insights
  • Ask for close peers for topic suggestions

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The readers are often picky. If you lack interest in the chosen topic- your readers will never praise your work.

Pick a topic you feel good or passionate about. It makes the writing task much easier. Moreover, it makes your work engaging for readers to read and acknowledge.

So, keep this in mind. It’s important!

Expert’s Tips on Writing an Argumentative Essay (On Music or Any Topic)

Planning is the first step to everything. So, plan your process via write my paper cheap services (if necessary).

Below are some experts’ suggestions. Follow and implement them closely.

  • Select a suitable argumentative essay topic on music.
  • Gather all usable research discoveries to use in writing.
  • Create the outline and research coverage to include.
  • Consider both arguments and counter-logics to complement the thesis statement.
  • Write the introduction with an audience’s hook.
  • Craft an appropriate thesis statement.
  • Divide the body into 3-4 stanzas.
  • Focus on one aspect in each stanza. Present relevant explanations. Support them with accurate data and research evidence.
  • Keep one stanza for counterarguments. Also, substantiate arguments with persuasive data.
  • Write the body comprehensively per the outline.
  • Site in-text sources carefully and accurately as you write.
  • Create a compelling conclusion.
  • Include CTA to trigger a response in readers. Leave them curious for more pertaining research.
  • Prepare a citation index/bibliography page.
  • Edit and proofread the work. Read in reserve for determining clarity and coherence.
  • Check plagiarism several times. Download the report once the paper is 100% authentic.
  • Revise the work one last time. Ask a close friend to review and recommend improvements. Make corrections wherever applicable.
  • Double-check all included citations and the citation index.
  • Submit with confidence with your fingers crossed.


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Top 30 Argumentative Essay Topics on Music

World Music Topics (10 Suggestions)


  1. Write an argumentative essay on the History of Blues Music. Focus on the African-American heritage.
  2. The Rise of Sufi Music & present popularity.
  3. The purpose of using music in Indian Cinema
  4. An argumentative essay on Unique South African jazz music patterns
  5. Klezmer music- An argumentative essay on the coverage
  6. Why do some cultures ban different genres of music?
  7. Classic against hard rock – Which seems popular in today’s time?
  8. Is death metal music a form of Satanic worship?
  9. Is the concept of Auto-tuning destroying raw music ingenuity?
  10. Does rap music endorse rape and violence?

College-Level Argumentative Music Topics (10 Suggestions)


  1. Is there any substitute for music? Present your arguments in your essay
  2. Does pop music eliminate sorrow in one’s mind?
  3. Is music another form of self-therapy?
  4. Can listening to soothing music improve sleep quality?
  5. Does music alter brain structure? Share your arguments through your essay
  6. Should music lessons get more importance at college/university?
  7. Is Screamo music considered demonic?
  8. Does death metal endorse brutality, violence, and anti-god worship?
  9. Is censoring music necessary?
  10. What lies the future of music culture?

Interesting Argumentative Music Topics (10 Suggestions)


  1. Is rap music becoming overrated in today’s time?
  2. Is a music career lucrative?
  3. Does listening to sad music help overcome heartbreaks?
  4. Is hip-hop music mainly about fashion statements?
  5. Should school kids listen to Black Metal?
  6. What are the best psychedelic music albums and artists of all time?
  7. The best 10 guitarists of your era. Present arguments on why they feature in the list!
  8. Does hard rock have its roots in classical music?
  9. Is social media ruining music today?
  10. What are the pros and cons of Metal music on young minds?


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So, don’t procrastinate further. Use the shared music topic ideas to start your argumentative essay. Most importantly, write with confidence and with supportive facts. It will add more credence and legitimacy to your research essay.