How Video Can Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

How Video Can Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts

Video marketing is not new but what has become increasingly apparent is how video Can Supercharge Your Marketing Efforts is now featured on every digital marketing channel. Take a look around various social platforms, organic search, paid search, and most commercial websites and you’ll see video absolutely everywhere. And if you think you have missed the boat and you’re worried that you don’t have the necessary budget or skills, relax. Simple, basic, unpolished but clearly authentic videos are what people love to see.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is all about promoting products, services, brands, and values via video. Video marketing is often used to sell products, but not always. It is also used to convey and effectively sell ideas. It can be a great way to engage an audience by providing ‘how-to’ video guides and information-based productions. It’s also an effective tool for interacting with existing audiences and building valuable online communities that can be leveraged to derive consumer insight.

Benefits of Video Marketing

To learn how video marketing can boost your marketing efforts it’s useful to look at some of the well-known, recorded benefits of this tactic.

High Levels of Engagement

People love video. What this means in practice is more likes on Facebook, more social shares across various social platforms, more comments and interactions, and importantly, increased brand awareness. On Instagram, platform videos are consistently responsible for the highest levels of engagement than any other form of content.

Build Trust and Credibility

Your videos can positively influence your brand’s credibility by building trust. By demonstrating your products, providing useful and engaging guidance, and offering real-life testimonials customers and potential customers can develop confidence in your brand. Video is a great way to show people who you are, what you can do, and what your values are.

Great ROI

Video marketing is recognized for yielding the best return on investment over any other content type. Video is a very persuasive medium that provides consumers with the prompts and calls to action they need to part with their cash.

SEO Benefits

Remember that YouTube is owned by Google and the blended organic search results often include a collection of videos. While you might struggle to get your website or blog post to rank on page number 1 of Google’s search results you can sometimes find it easier to get a video to appear there instead. Videos are also great for attracting valuable backlinks to your website and sharing video via social media is also great for SEO and traffic.

Consumers Prefer Video Over Text

People would far rather watch a video than read a product or service description. Four times as many people would rather watch a product video than read a product description. This statistic alone should be enough to convince you that video marketing is essential.


Video marketing is incredibly powerful. People prefer video over almost any other format and would far rather watch a product demonstration than read a text description. If your business is not doing any video marketing right now – why not?

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