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Want to Create an App? 3 Pieces of Advice for Success

Want to Create an App

Many individuals always strive to do something important and valuable, if they have ambitions to be an entrepreneur. Without a doubt, being an initiator is not only important but also necessary, especially in times when everything develops so quickly and unexpectedly.

The beauty of technology is that everyone finds something there to develop their ideas. For example, a linguist who wants to make a business would create an online platform to provide editing and proofreading services using AI tools. Designers may want to develop fantastic mobile applications based on AR/VR technologies, and so on. Creating software for almost any field can be rewarded and beneficial if every step is well-planned and calculated.

If you want to start a business by creating software for your brilliant idea, the first challenge is the beginning itself. Why? Because it’s difficult? No, the opposite: Because it’s easy. And the abundance of many options doesn’t let us make a step back, think, and then only implement our plan. The temptation is big, I know, but before grabbing your domain and hosting platform, before looking for cost-efficient software solutions, go through this article and read about the very beginning of your potential success.

Can you Invest? Go for Gaming

It’s even a waste of time to remind you about considering your budget carefully. If there is sufficient balance on the investment account, then don’t hesitate to build an idea for the gaming industry. It’s not cheap to develop a game, and sometimes it requires hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment but it usually pays off for 2 simple reasons: First, people love playing games, and second, there are so many fantastic solutions to make the best out of your project.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence are the current trends people are looking at. Another revolutionary thing for the gaming industry is cryptocurrencies. A leading gambling platform – Ignition crypto casino is a vivid example. It attracts more and more players offering crypto games. It’s safe, fast, and reliable, and just adopting the new technology could bring such companies big income.

In fact, there are different options on the table if you want to invest in gaming or gambling. Let’s say, if you create a mobile game application, it’s also quite easy to monetize from the very beginning. In-app purchases, virtual money, bonuses, and other offers are just a few examples of monetization.

Between iOS and Android

No matter what kind of project are you working on, if you want to have a mobile application, you will probably have two. The rivalry between two giants – iOS and Android can be challenging for small businesses and startups in terms of funding. The average cost of a medium-level app development starts from $60,000 and rises to $150,000. If you decide to have apps both for iOS and Android users, the amount will double, of course.

It’s decision time. No need to get overwhelmed, since it’s a normal practice for businesses to have an app only for one of those operating systems. All you need to do is making a little research about the clients and market. Apple products are not popular in all countries, so if your target group is using mostly Android smartphones, then the choice is clear, and vice versa.

When making a decision between these two operating systems, first consider the market, then calculate your budget according to your needs. Also, take into account that although software development itself is not much affordable in general, usually developing an app for iOS devices is even more pricey, than for Android.

Design is the King

The last item on our list is to consider the best design before starting work on any app. People pay for developers but when it comes to hiring a designer, they are not sure whether it’s worth it. Trust me, it is.

Good design or what we call User Interface is what makes users download the app and spend some time on it. However, it doesn’t come alone. User Experience is another very important aspect that needs to be addressed. UI/UX design is the key to not only mobile applications but also web development. Easy navigation, the right combination of colors, images, and even text size are what make people feel comfortable while using the software.

Think of those famous apps millions of people use, such as Airbnb, Canva, Slack, and others. They have one major thing in common: Professionally-implemented UI/UX design.

To Sum Up

Starting a software-based business requires careful consideration of various factors, including market research, budget planning, and design implementation. By understanding these key elements and making informed decisions, you can lay the foundation for your potential success in the dynamic world of technological advancement.