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What are the varying impacts of social media?

impacts of social media

Social media industry has rapidly grown in past few years. The advancements in social media have evolved it from being handy means of communication and connecting with people to being used for many more productive purposes. Now it’s impractical to imagine a place without social media, as it has impacted various aspects of our life. The impact of social media isn’t limited, it has completely changed the world from what it used to be. The influence of social media has changed the shape of politics, business, education, society and more. In this article, we will be highlighting points showing impact of social media in different fields.

1. Impact on Politics

Back in time when social media was newly launched there were small sections of political news and latest insights of politics. But now with passage of time as social media grew, it started to held its dimensions in political world as well. Almost half the people in today’s time largely rely on social media for gathering political news and latest updates regarding cabinet and its members. There are pages on social media that are fully dedicated with providing news regarding global politics.

With this response the influence of social media in political campaigns has increased tremendously, as social media play important role in electoral politics. When you about the user perspective, they have gained from this, as social media has become a primary place to get holds of latest political activities. Its beneficial as many people tend to spend their time on social media, so it’s easy for them to catch news in a creative way.

2. Impact on commerce

impacts of social media

Companies find social media a potential place to reach their customers and build revenue. With the introduction of social media, the marketing techniques and sales have completely changed. The companies shifted their efforts towards performing smart sales with the help of social media. The online presence of companies has given them an easy way to tap their target audience. Now more people get to know about companies which wasn’t possible without social media due to limited reach of companies before internet. The methods of carrying out businesses totally evolved, and it has given more possibilities to business for expansion and growth.

Businesses have realized that they can use social media to generate insights, stimulate demand and create targeted product audience. This has organized the efforts in a particular direction and has helped businesses to save their money and time. Thus, having online presence is greatly emphasized, as no company can survive without it. With this the impact of social media on commerce is tremendous, it has changed the business model inside out. Now the central focus of businesses is to reach a greater number of people on social media, and they set goals accordingly, like how to get Instagram likes or comments to be more spontaneous.

3. Impact of social media on employment

social media has a profound effect on hiring and recruitment. The popular platforms like LinkedIn have totally changed the scenario for different professions. Now, in order to get hired at commendable pay scale, its necessary to maintain your social profile and portfolio. In order to stand out you need to have a great social presence, today most managers go through your social profile to validate you for the profession.

Moreover, as per research 70 percent of people use social media for finding jobs, they build their online resume and apply for relevant jobs. In this sense social media greatly helped people to locate their dream job, there are number of jobs starting from low scale to high-scale. Besides, social media has educated people about many new kinds of professions that are creative and has good future scope. Thus, social media has generated a sense of awareness in people regarding employment at a greater level.

4. Impact on society

impacts of social media

There are multiple views on how social media has impacted the society, like the two sides of a coin, social media has both pros and cons. In one way it has connected people around the globe, and has made communication easy, it enables people to connect and converse and this is its top benefit. With enhanced connectivity and communication, it has given opportunities to both individuals and enterprises for growth. The importance of having social identity these days is must, it reflects how people see themselves and interact with other.

On one side where it has enhanced virtual connectivity, on the other side it has degraded the value of have building physical connections, in order to be socially acceptable many people, try to fake their identity, and they forget the real self. Moreover, social media has impact on mental health as well, overuse of social media generates the tendency to have comparison between others and self which impacts a person’s mental health badly.

5. Impact on training and development

Having social media skills these days is of high regards, as you get preference over other candidates who don’t possess these skills. Having social media skills makes you far more employable. You can land a well-paid job which is interesting and creative, all you need to know is excellent communication to handle your audience and whatever content you post must be creative and out of the box, these things make you eligible for handling social media profiles, which is actually a well-paid job these days. Hence, it has given room to individuals for learning and developing advanced skills, which are necessary to have.


The impact of social media is diverse and undivided, for some people it turned out to be way more beneficial, as it has helped them to realize their true identity and establish their career. Moreover, it is undeniably a great source for gathering useful information regarding ongoing trending topics, social media keeps you updated about everything. Inversely, it has impacted many lives negatively as well, studies shows that social media has generated the waves of self-doubts in people and as a result they have cultivated anxiety and depression, Hence, its importance to create boundaries while using social media, as the benefits of it can be enjoyed while remaining in limits.