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What do you need to know about educational app development if you want to launch your project?


In 2009, global online educational platforms first appeared. Gradually, educational app development began to pay attention to large companies. Some of them are launching products under their brands. Others are actively investing in the market.

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Educational apps have two major categories of users

A motivated and solvent audience uses educational apps. Users want to do their work more effectively, improve their skills, increase their income, or change their profession altogether. We can conventionally divide this audience into two segments.

  • The first — is the conscious users who have formulated goals and expectations, watched the market, and chosen the right offer for them on the criteria of price and quality.
  • The second — is those who make emotional purchases for various reasons.

With the first segment, everything is somewhat clear. It is much easier to give a quality product to a user who knows what they want than to someone who doesn’t.

For example, within the framework of educational app development, you created a product that helped the user to master new knowledge. Expectations coincide with reality; the person is satisfied with the product and is highly likely to use the acquired knowledge in practice. Especially if they are already working in this area.

With the second segment, things are more complicated, because they do not know for sure what they want to get from your product. In the end, if you dig deeper, the user needs to understand exactly what knowledge they want to master.

Educational app development can be evaluated according to several criteria

There are many components of a quality educational app: top-notch instructors, various educational formats, and a user-friendly platform. But if we abstracted from the details, I would single out probably two main components:

  • First — the results and the process of use coincided with the expectations of the user.
  • Second — the user put the knowledge into practice and it had a positive impact on their quality of life, career, and earnings. This component could easily be part of the first, but it is worth making a separate point.

From the point of view of educational app development, a quality product can be one that has given a certain value to its user. How valuable a project can be if the user (emotionally) liked it, but did not produce any measurable results, remains questionable.

Many apps evaluate the quality of their products through various metrics, percentage of course completion, etc. But no educational app development has a clear understanding of how well these two points are being met.

Of course, we can conclude that user satisfaction is directly related to their adequate expectations. To some extent, we would be right. But if we dig a little deeper and examine what audiences are worth investing in educational app development for, we can see where there is an area of growth.

Success also depends on the content and, if the project envisages, the teacher

Content is the basis of educational app development, and not everyone understands this. Unfortunately, this is true for many applications.

It’s also worth emphasizing that you can’t provide a quality educational product if you don’t work in a particular field. To teach a specific topic to other people, maybe even for money, you must understand what you are offering to your user.

Do you want to do educational app development with educators? Aim for this idea to be a successful investment, regarding revenue for the company and results for the users. Then the educator must have three basic ingredients:

  • The first is solid work experience. It is desirable to find real experts in this or that niche. It is best if they have experience in well-known companies and in different areas. If he also takes part in meetings on the topic, and conferences and has a certain media exposure in his field, this will also have a good effect on sales.
  • Secondly, the skill to explain complex things in simple words is one of the most important. If a lecturer speaks in a complicated language that only they understand, then you can not expect any communication.
  • The third thing is organization. You always need to remain professional, both regarding content and organizing the process.

The cost should be adequate and competitive

As for the formation of the cost of the course, you need to approach this task as rationally as possible. It is important to understand where to start your business, how to form the cost of services, as well as to find answers to many other questions. Determining product costs starts with opening an Excel file, where you can calculate your potential income and expenses.

You need to include the cost of producing content, teacher work if your project involves one, employee salaries, advertising budget, taxes, etc. Income is the cost of your product, multiplied by the number of users.

Thus, in the table, you can calculate at what figures it makes sense to invest in educational app development. That is, these numbers set you in the right direction, but the value of the course doesn’t end there.

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You also need to determine the value of your content, compare it to your competitors, and then identify where you will have a competitive advantage. A competitive advantage is why customers will be interested in the outcome of your educational app development. Such an advantage could be a better pricing app, a better user experience, or a unique product.

That is, for example, if you realized during your analysis that your product is not particularly different from the competition, you could lower the cost a bit to stand out from the rest of the app. If you are a genius, if you come up with something new and guarantee super results that your competitors don’t guarantee, you can raise the price commensurately.

Don’t create your own platform right away

Educational app development can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and several months of work. You should not invest in a product that you don’t know how it will behave on the market. Try to launch the MVP product. This way you can save on your budget and test the work of your product on real users. If your hypotheses are confirmed, you can think about creating your own platform.