What is a Headless eCommerce Platform?

What is a Headless eCommerce Platform?

The eCommerce industry is a rapidly changing one with several top-notch features aimed at enhancing the customer experience being introduced. Today, many people are becoming accustomed to conducting business and making purchases online using various devices and web apps. Because of the increased number of online shoppers, traditional eCommerce platforms are having a hard time keeping up with ever-changing customer demands.

eCommerce platforms have introduced features such as smart voice assistants, and dash buttons, among many others in a bid to help customers easily find product information, make an order as well as read online reviews. Many consumers have really taken up the idea of shopping using eCommerce platforms while, surprisingly, many businesses are still conducting business the traditional way and are struggling.

On the other hand, businesses that have embraced eCommerce are reaping huge rewards while cutting down the costs of marketing and product promotion. You can also get a piece of the action by using a headless eCommerce platform to sell your products. In this post, we discuss in detail what a headless eCommerce platform is.

What is headless eCommerce?

Headless eCommerce is now one of the most discussed terms in the world of eCommerce, but unfortunately, it is also one that is least understood. A headless eCommerce platform uses an architecture where the frontend and backend of the platform are separated. The separation gives businesses to customize everything in a manner they see fit to enhance customer experience.

Headless eCommerce systems utilize application programming interfaces, experience managers, and various tools to enhance platform functionality and deliver as per customer expectations. You can read more about how a headless eCommerce platform can be beneficial to your business.

Why use headless eCommerce?

Addition of new channels to different market segments

Businesses are constantly working to deliver products that meet the specific needs of customers. These same should also apply when creating channels for an eCommerce platform. There is no single channel that will suit consumers from various segments and a headless eCommerce platform gives you an opportunity to sort this out.

You can use headless eCommerce architecture to create a channel that meets the expectations of your target audience. At the same time, you will be able to make adjustments to these channels quickly and with minimal fuss.

Seamless customer experience

If a customer is not happy with the experience they are getting, there will always be another option that they can switch to. Using a headless eCommerce platform will guarantee customer satisfaction by delivering a seamless shopping experience on a platform that can be accessed through various devices and operating systems. A headless eCommerce platform is designed to reduce the efforts a customer has to make while offering unlimited flexibility.

Is headless eCommerce perfect for your business?

Transitioning from your current eCommerce solution to headless eCommerce is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner. Its benefits outweigh by far those of using legacy eCommerce platforms that have not implemented headless functionality.

You can move to headless eCommerce by either creating your own platform that uses headless architecture or using established platforms such as Vito Commerce. Creating your own platform is expensive, does not guarantee results and it will take time and even longer for it to be recognized out there.

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