What is the future of memes and Meme Marketing and how does this affect small businesses in the present and in years to come?

What is the future of memes and Meme Marketing and how does this affect small businesses in the present and in years to come?

Memes have been a part of the Internet since its beginning. They spread like wildfire and capture our attention, but do they affect small businesses?

I must start this discussion by offering my own perspective on memes in general. A few years ago when I first started to explore the Internet, I came across a website called Reddit. At first, it seemed silly to me how quickly people could create an image with words so quickly and pass it around as though it was meant to say something profound or funny. Over time I noticed that some of these pictures had their own page, so if you clicked on them from Reddit you would see a new picture accompanied by a short description of where this “meme” originated from and what inspired these images.

Over time I began to see these same images pop up on my timeline. It would be a picture of a cat with the words “me big boy” or it could be a picture of an avocado with the caption “Avocado knows everything.” You name it there was probably some meme out there about it. Eventually, they started to feel more like advertisements than they did jokes as brands and businesses adapted them as humor for advertising purposes. This happens all over the Internet now; memes are used as advertisements by companies such as McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Meme marketing is becoming more and more popular but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the potential harm that it may do us in the future.

Let’s look at why this is so important in today’s society.

Today, memes are used to express your feelings toward a certain thing or event that is happening in the world right now. A popular meme shared these days is the one creating awareness for people who are blind or have low vision called ‘discriminating against people with disabilities.’ This started because of an image that was being circulated around Facebook where one comment said “I’m sorry but I don’t want anyone in my house that can’t see.” Then there was a reply saying “This isn’t really about you” and the picture had two signs pointing at each other. One sign read “Seriously?” and another read “Discriminating against people with disabilities.” Now this image is being spread rapidly on social media sites with people using this to demonstrate their feelings towards a certain situation.

Memes can also be used to express a larger message, such as the one mentioned above, or it could simply be something that has caught on and become popular in itself. Take for example memes of Kermit the frog sipping tea. These have been around for quite some time, although he isn’t exactly saying anything profound all these images are just about him drinking tea. This became so popular that later you will see hashtags used with these pictures telling people to ‘believe in yourself.’ What started out as just an image of a frog drinking tea has turned into a motivational quote and is now changing the way we think and feel when we see it?

The one thing that I have noticed is that memes aren’t limited to just one social media site. They are being shared from Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr so quickly that you see the same image four or five times within a half-hour time period. Now people are getting wise and changing them slightly like this:

They change it up enough that if someone else shares the meme they might not recognize it and re-share it again. This also brings up another point; while these memes do provide us with a good laugh sometimes there’s actually something we can learn from them as well. When we take a closer look at what was originally expressed in ‘discriminating against people with disabilities’ we learn about something bigger than our feelings toward this subject. We see how wrong it is to think that way, and then we see how to change our thoughts into something more positive.

Meme marketing has also become a big business now with the help of social media websites like Facebook, especially when it comes to posting them on your own personal page. What makes these memes popular is the fact that they’re free. Anyone can create or post their own meme whenever they feel like it for free. If brands are smart, they will take advantage of this rather than trying to outdo each other by buying up all the pages linked to their product names. They recognize the value in having people spread their products for them through simple pictures and words linked together on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Posting memes on your page is a great way to get yourself more followers and likes. It’s also a free marketing technique that many small businesses are taking advantage of today and that includes local businesses like hair salons and coffee shops in the area.  By using this method, you don’t need to pay anyone for any of these marketing strategies; all you need is something witty to say about your business and share it with people. You can try Meme Scout for free. This way they will spread the word about your business through their posts instead of having them always look at yours for updates or information on what’s going on within your business.

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