What Is the Future of Online Gambling?

The gambling industry has recently expanded into the online arena and online gambling is now considered a profitable and robust business opportunity. In 2021, the online gaming industry generated about $180.3 billion in revenue. Many new gaming trends are continuously introduced into the market thanks to significant technological advancements. A wide array of gambling genres like online poker are now offered by some of the best real online casino sites and becoming more advanced with time even as developers improve gambling features to provide an immersive gaming experience. Here, we will review the future of online gambling.

Trends in online gambling

From the use of plastic and cards, gambling has come a long way, mainly thanks to numerous technological advancements. With the recent global pandemic, online gambling has become very popular worldwide and the perfect indoor activity to avoid exposure to other people. Below are some of the developing trends in online gambling:

1. Micro Betting

Back then, all that mattered when betting was predicting which team would win the game? How many goals were scored during the match? And what are the winning odds for both teams? This type of betting is gradually becoming dominant with the introduction of micro bets. Micro-betting increases your chances of winning a bet since all you need to predict are small in-play events, such as which player will receive a red card? The first team to score? Which team will take the first corner? And many others.

2. Wearables

Smartwatches are rapidly becoming very popular due to their common use for gaming, messaging, and even fitness monitoring. The gambling industry has taken advantage of their increasing popularity and decided to include their betting apps within the smartwatches. The design of today’s watches also helps improve the gaming experience compared to mobile phones. Smartwatches are also easy to use as they only provide the necessary game information.

3. Live Betting

In the past few years, live betting has become very popular in the gambling industry. In-play betting or live betting, including Slot PG, involves placing your predictions while the event is occurring. This type of betting has also been advanced to other forms of competitive events such as car racing, dog shows, and even an election race. There also have been some speculations that in-play betting, including Slot PG, will continue improving.

4. Crypto Gambling

With the extensive use of cryptocurrencies, crypto gambling has been introduced into the gambling industry. With crypto gambling, gamblers can easily place their bets with Bitcoins and other altcoins. Unlike FIAT money, which is used to bet in online casinos, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum make the gambling process smoother with quick deposits and withdrawals.

5. I-Slots

The term I-slots is a short form for Interactive Slot. I-Slots are specifically designed for online casino betting and have been dispersed through several online casinos. Each slot game mixes regular spins giving gamblers a new take on the classic slot game. In addition to being the most popular slot game, I-Slots allow gamers to experience the same exciting experience of a casino slot machine but in the comfort of your home.

6. ESports Betting

ESports betting is one of the recent trends in the gambling industry that many gamblers are yet to familiarize themselves with. In 2020, ESports gambling was estimated to be worth over $14 billion. ESports betting is very common among younger people who love playing virtual games such as League of Legends. In addition to the large fanbase of ESports, gamers get to enjoy a high-level and more engaging gaming experience. It is speculated that ESports Betting will continue to be developed in the future.


  • Is it safe to use a real money casino online?

Generally, it is safe to place your money on a real casino site, but make sure to take caution when using websites that you are not familiar with. If there is any doubt, check for the site’s licenses and online user reviews.

  • What’s the best way to deposit money at an online casino?

Most real money casinos offer their customers e-wallet options, which are more convenient and take less time. Other gambling sites give you the option of using cryptocurrency. With the new advancements in technology, the use of Visa cards and traditional MasterCard are being replaced with faster payout options.

  • Can online slots for real money be rigged?

It is impossible since different real money online casinos offer different payout percentages. You should make sure the casino is officially licensed or even do some thorough research before deciding to deposit your money.

  • What are the best real money games?

Well, the best real money casino games all depend on personal preference. If it’s your first time gambling, you can try the easy and accessible slots that only require a push of a button. However, if you are not new to gambling, you can consider playing roulette, poker, baccarat, blackjack, and any other complex table game.