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What Is the Top 10 NFT Games to Try Playing This Year

NFT Games

NFTs games have taken over the world with their new idea of highly player-centric gameplay and opening wide the opportunities for earning. As a result, even many traditional game producers started to incentivize the integration of NFTs into their games and take after popular NFT games. This allows them to make Android and iOS mobile games as well as PC versions more engaging and exciting.

If you’re choosing which trending NFT games to invest your time in, look at our list of the best NFT games.

What Are the Best NFT Games Worth Trying at Least Once in a Lifetime?

Here is our NFT games list containing handpicked upcoming games on blockchain that can turn out to be the best NFT games personally for you.

  1. Axie Infinity.
  2. The Sandbox.
  3. Decentraland.
  4. Town Star.
  5. Farsite.
  6. Pegaxy.
  7. Gods Unchained.
  8. My DeFi Pet.
  9. Crazy Defense Heroes.
  10. Skyweaver.

What unites these top NFT games is the real and well-organized economy, no restrictions to what players can do with their NFTs — selling, keeping, or trading — and a strong community. As a result, nearly everyone can not just enjoy the best NFT games but also earn using their wit, common sense, and skills.

What is special about The Sandbox?

Its genre is defined as metaverse, and now it’s available on PC, with the Mac version coming soon. It is a free-to-play P2E game allowing players to start earning without purchasing anything. It operates as a virtual world where users can create anything literally.

More than 70% of land plots are still available. People earn here by completing quests, owning land, and selling designs on the marketplace.

What Is Pegaxy and What Sets It Apart?

This is an exciting virtual race for playing on the web or Android functioning on the Polygon blockchain. Just like My Defi Pet, it’s a breeding game. In races, 12 players can put their horses in a competition. The outcome depends on the horse’s characteristics.

Join it to earn game coins by breeding and selling horses or renting them on the marketplace platform. However, it only makes sense today to own a Legendary or Founding Pega. Rewards from other breeds are relatively small. also you may find best NFT Game Development Company.

Why Are Metaverse Games So Popular?

Decentraland and The Sandbox are the best-known metaverses NFT games, but why do they garner so much attention?

Mostly, they are popular because they are the first ones to introduce us to the metaverse. It’s a virtual world where users aren’t restricted in activity and can use their avatars and virtual property for entertainment, education, business, art promotion or creation, etc. Metaverses can be multiple and different, just like the worlds in The Sandbox and Decentraland are different.

In Metaverses, there’s also peer-to-peer interaction, privacy, and strong protection for intellectual property. This is one reason that many top NFT collections migrate to the Metaverse.


All of these games can be a lucky card for you to earn a living (or additional income) even as a beginner. To begin understanding the world of NFTs, we advise you to research how the best NFT games were created and how they function, along with other types such as video or music NFTs. See TopNFTCollections.com to find it all out and see the latest crypto game news.