Why and How to Install React on MAC

Why and How to Install React on MAC

In the realm of information technology, web development captures a lot of interest. There are a few platforms and frameworks that are a better choice for web development than others. Most people prefer java script for their web developing needs and so there are many helpful JavaScript libraries that make the job easier. One such popular library is React Js and it’s easy to install react on Mac once you know-how.

What is React?

React is a Javascript library that assists in creating User Interfaces and their components. It is open source and is freely available online for everyone to use. Developed in 2011 by Facebook, React is a very useful library that helps one create single-page web and mobile applications on the browser. It has quite a few distinct benefits, including that it is cross-platform, provides high data flow, and follows a component-centric approach depending on separate concerns. With time, React started growing and with constant enhancements, bug fixes, and documents, it became more and more stable and thus, popular. Nowadays, some of the biggest companies use React including Instagram, Discord, Uber Eats, Skype, etc. To use it, all you have to do is install react on Mac.


There are a few necessary system requirements without which you cannot use react on mac.

● OS Version

Your OS should be updated so that its version it’s 10.10 or above.

● Space

Storage is also an important aspect and your PC should have at least 10 GB of free space. When installing new software, speed is also key so you also need a minimum of 4GB Ram.

● Browser

You would require an internet browser of your choice to run the software and develop the apps. You can pick any from the most popular ones like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

And obviously, you would need a good internet connection. Your speed should be above 512 kbps.


You would also need NPM or Node Package Manager. It is a dependency management tool for javascript applications. It is a repository for online codes which contains thousands of modules. These modules can be used with basic commands instead of creating every tool needed during an app development from scratch. You can download NPM based on your OS version which is freely available online and you have to create a login and password, and you are done.

● Create-React-App

It would also be quite beneficial if you install create-react-app so that you can create single-page applications with the least number of steps possible.


  • React is one of the best libraries you can use for application development. In addition to great web apps, you can create amazing mobile applications with easy-to-use user interfaces so that users are satisfied.
  • React supports all platforms and once you install react on mac it will run extremely fast and smoothly so that you can easily put your creativity to use.
  • React is very easy to learn since it has a small API which is easy for anyone to grasp.
  • With broad community support like Facebook, it is quite unlikely that you will run into software problems.

The framework is only getting better with time and using it will prove to be nothing but beneficial.

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