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Why Chromebooks are perfect for homeschooling?

Chromebooks are perfect for homeschooling

Are you in search of a good homeschooling laptop for your kids? If yes, then you are at the right place. Corona pandemic has hit the world so hard. It has affected education, medicine, and almost every department. Education is a department that has been hit by the pandemic most of all.

It is also one of the most important is in one’s life. The education sector suffered and it affected the kids, and other students more. Physical education converted to online. Everyone was able to cope with this situation.

Kids had to start operating and using laptops for homeschooling and for continuing their education in this situation of the pandemic. Homeschooling has become a trend and necessity for students worldwide. But for homeschooling a good laptop or system is necessary.

But which one? This is the question that arises. Are beginner-level laptops known as Chromebooks good for homeschooling? Yes, they are. Let’s discuss how these Chromebooks are good for homeschooling.

What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops introduced by Google. They are laptops with the simplest operating system. The Chrome OS present in it is easy to use and simple as compared to others.

These are affordable and have the features of a good laptop. These are such a good option for homeschooling and beginners.

The best thing about them is that you can buy a Chromebook for Under $100 even. That means, if you have more than kids and they all require a laptop for homeschooling, you can buy more than one without breaking your bank.

You can use Chromebooks and open several Google apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Play Store, etc. Just put something on Google and there you have the access to all the data. There are some educational systems like Talented & Gifted Program available on Chromebooks, so your child can operate with it like with a native mobile app. These Chromebooks are just like tablets as they’re handy and lightweight.

How do the Chromebooks work?

The Chromebooks work by using Wi-Fi. It is available in many areas and locations and they do not require jacks for connections. So, the Chromebooks are easy to use for the kids.

They are made by Google. They offer many Google apps like Google Keep, Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. Actually, a suite of Google apps is present in the Chromebooks for their school work or other assignments.

If you want other apps to be present in the Chromebooks then you can surely download them into your laptops through Google Play. Many Frequently used apps for homeschooling like Zoom, etc can easily be downloaded and accessed.

How Chromebooks are different?

The Chromebooks are different in many ways. This difference depends upon the size and features of the Chromebooks. The brands which offer Chromebooks are ASUS, Dell, Google, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. In fact, almost all the famous brands offer Chromebooks.

Following are how the Chromebooks are different from other laptops and they are best for homeschooling kids:

  • Simple Operating System:

Firstly, the operating system of Chromebooks is different from other laptops. It has the Chrome OS while others have Windows, LINUX, MAC OS, etc. It is an easy-to-use operating system. No complications at all. The kids can easily use it and take their lectures and presentations in online classes. They just have to access Google Chrome and all is done easily.

  • Cloud Storage:

The Chromebook has on Chrome Storage or Google Cloud Storage which is fixed but it is enough for the kids. All these important books, study files, assignments, and lectures can be recorded and stored in cloud storage. It can be 16 GB, 32 GB, or more.

You can install an SSD of 16 GB or more if you need more space for your files. This includes storage which is taken up by the operating system. Moreover, to further increase the storage the USB Flash drives or SD Cards can be used.

  • Variety of web apps:

The web apps offered by the Chromebooks are more than enough. This means that all the necessary apps as mentioned above like Google Keep, Docs, Sheets, etc. are provided.

This variety of apps is useful for the students and the kids homeschooling. Google play store can download almost everything and you can easily access more apps, download, and use them. Docs and Sheets are useful in making presentations and assignments.

  • Easy to use:

The Chromebooks are as easy to use as any tablet or mobile. You don’t have to wait for the things to load in fact everything is easily accessible. These are simple and easy to use for the kids. The only challenge the students may face is its touchpad. You just have to activate the touchpad before using the Chromebook. The Chromebooks do not come with a mouse but you can buy one if you want.

  • Light Weight:

Kids won’t be able to carry heavy systems here and there. So, the laptop should be portable and lightweight. The Chromebooks are lightweight and portable and they can easily be carried around while studying.

  • Functional:

This is another reason that Chromebooks are best for homeschooling that they are functional. They have every feature and aspect that is useful for the student and the school gong kids for their homeschooling. They can search the internet, write and prepare papers, make slide presentations, and they also have access to online work and presentations.

  • Price:

The budget is indeed an important thing to consider while buying something. The Chromebooks are inexpensive and can be easily be bought for multiple kids. They start from $200 and you can get them according to your budget to the maximum.

Final Words:

Chromebooks are the best option when it comes to the homeschooling of kids during the Corona pandemic. They have everything a student would need for their studies. The above-mentioned reasons show how Chromebooks are good for homeschooling kids.

They make homeschooling easy and simple for the kids. Parents won’t need to worry about the studies of their kids when they have the Chromebooks with them.

Chromebooks are lifesavers for the kids and their studies. The apps and features, all are available in the Chromebooks which are beneficial for the kids and their studies.