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Why Employee Recognition is an Important Motivating Factor

Employee Recognition

Several companies need help with retaining their employees. One of the reasons for this is that the employees don’t feel appreciated by their employers, which reduces their job satisfaction, causing them to leave the job.

It’s crucial that you find a way to encourage and recognize the work that employees do. The best way to do this is to use an employee recognition program that honors employees’ contributions to your workplace.

What is Employee Recognition?

It’s crucial to detail what employee recognition is because some people assume it’s simply saying thank you to your employees. This isn’t the case; there is much more to employee recognition than a pat on the back.

Employee recognition is providing a tangible perk to employees that shows them you’re thankful for what they’ve been doing. An employee recognition program can motivate employees to push forward and continue working towards the next goal they have set for themselves with their department heads.

With a better understanding of this type of program, here are some reasons why it’s important.

Increases Employee Productivity

If employees don’t feel appreciated, why would they continue to work hard to get their work done? The answer is the employee won’t because either way it goes, they understand they won’t be thanked nor see any benefits from doing so.

However, when employees feel they’re appreciated, it correlates to the effort they put into doing their jobs. One of the primary keys to increasing productivity is finding ways to show your employees’ appreciation consistently.

Stronger and Effective Workplace Culture

When people work for your company, you want them to enjoy the atmosphere. When you recognize employees, you can help to improve the strength between teams.

You can start by implementing social recognition programs. According to the team behind Workhuman, this can be in the form of shout-outs, bonuses, or any rewards that’ll encourage consistent recognition. Before you begin the recognition program, however, consider what you want your workplace culture to be like.

The better the atmosphere and culture of your workplace, the more efficiently it will run daily. You can also improve the amount of collaboration that takes place between each department.

Employee Recognition

Can Help Retain Employees

When people leave your business, there is a chance that they will leave a review about what it was like to work there. You want them to share with others that you appreciate what employees do and how you show this to them.

This type of appreciation will cause many employees to stay working within your company. It will also mean that when you’re looking to fill positions, the chance is higher that they will refer and share the job posting with others.

Employee Recognition 101

When it comes to recognizing employees for their accomplishments, there are tons of reasons why this is important. It can improve productivity and increase the chances of them referring to your place as the place to work.

The bottom line is that you’ve got to run a business, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to thank the people that work with you to make it a great place.