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Why Omnichannel Messaging is the Future of Customer Engagement

Omnichannel Messaging

The customer experience is at the heart of the modern sales model. Your customer needs to be ensured a positive experience from the first contact through the sale and beyond, and in the modern marketplace, that means creating a consistent brand experience across all channels. An omnichannel messaging plan is a key component of proper customer engagement with the modern consumer.

What Is Omnichannel Messaging?

Omnichannel messaging refers to building solid customer relationships through consistent branding and customer experiences across all communication channels. This includes SMS, social media, chat apps, chatbots, and even phone communication. Using a program like Mitto to keep your brand message consistent across your channels will help elevate your customer experience and ensure consistency, even when the customer moves from one channel to the next.

Omnichannel Messaging Meets Connected Customers Where They Are

When your brand invests in an omnichannel messaging system, you will reach your connected customers where they are already spending time – on their smartphones. They will have a cohesive experience that is personalized and branded, whether they are texting, chatting, or interacting on social media.

We are in a digital-first society, which means people will choose to text or chat before they pick up the phone to call someone. It also means customers expect 24/7 responses and availability, so you cannot ignore automated responses through these digital channels. With SMS and chat, you can keep connected without having people online 24/7 to deal with responses while ensuring consistent, reliable, and branded information stays in play.

The challenge for brands, however, is that setting up customer experiences across channels is not always easy. Your customers will use everything from WhatsApp to Viber to connect with you, and this requires an omnichannel strategy that extends to all potential contact points. Using a service to help you reach these customers is essential, as it will combine your inquiries and feedback into one location, allowing you to keep your brand messaging consistent without physically managing multiple separate channels.

Exceptional Omnichannel Messaging Leads to Increased Revenue

Why is omnichannel messaging so vital to modern business? Customer service is the bedrock of success, especially in the sales industry. In a recent study, 90% of customers indicated they would buy from a company a second time if their customer service experience was positive, whereas 61% indicated they would not if they had a negative experience. Good customer service drives increased revenue through improved sales, and good customer service in the modern era requires proactive action and omnichannel conversations.

Keep Branding Consistent Without Repetition

With omnichannel messaging services, you can elevate the customer experience by allowing your customers to move from one channel to the next without starting over. For instance, if a customer is chatting with a chatbot on your website and then switches to Facebook Messenger, they can continue their conversation without going back and rehash the conversation on the previous platform. You can keep your answers and branding messages consistent, even when customers pivot like this.

Provide Immediate Conversations

With omnichannel marketing and the addition of a chatbot, you can provide instant communication with your customers, eliminating frustration and making it easier for them to get their questions answered promptly, even after hours when your human customer service team isn’t available. This meets the customer’s demand for 24/7 access.

Keep Communication Personal to Build Strong Relationships

Even with the automation necessary to meet customers where they are, you must keep the personal touch in your messaging to build strong customer service. You can implement customer data into your omnichannel marketing platform to achieve this, so people get the messages that apply to their stage in the customer journey.

If you are ready to build strong relationships with your customers, omnichannel communication is a must. Mitto can help you embrace the future of communication with robust, effective omnichannel software that puts all of your communication across all channels in one central inbox.