Why VueJS Development Services Are Preferred to Build Web UI and Single Page Applications?

Why VueJS Development Services Are Preferred to Build Web UI and Single Page Applications?

With a myriad of latest technologies getting released each day, choosing the best one for your business becomes difficult. Today, we do have technologies such as NodeJS which makes web development attractive and easier, while native mobile app development which offers the best user experience through amazing apps. Every technology provides a distinctive set of features to make development even more engaging just with fewer efforts. VueJS development services are one such technology.

It is an open-source JavaScript framework which though is not new but has constantly been upgrading its features and also engaging more developers from beginners level to even experts.

VueJS – An Advanced JavaScript Framework with Outstanding Features

An MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) JavaScript framework, VueJS was designed in 2014 by Evan You and is used to build engaging UIs and single-page applications. VueJS 2.6 is the latest version and according to Stack Overflow Developer Survey, VueJS is the second most loved framework.

The framework features an outstanding adaptable architecture focusing on component composition. A popular solution is NuxtJS that provides build tooling, routing, as well as state management via support libraries and packages. It enables you to extend HTML attributes and provide the functionality to HTML applications.

In contrast to other frameworks, VueJS, when used with modern tooling and other libraries, is capable of powering complex SPA’s. Building the view layer for a web application is its basic use.

VueJS today is outrunning React and AngularJS and is steadily becoming one of the best JavaScript frameworks. It could be used not just for web interfaces but also for desktop and mobile app development.

Some Popular Brands That Leverage VueJS Development Services

Grammarly, GitLab, Codeship, Behance, Facebook, Netflix, Alibaba, Adobe are some of the many brands that trust VueJS technology for their development requirements.

Why Brands Choose VueJS Development Services for Creating Web UI

  • Small Size

The size of any JavaScript framework decides its success. The smaller the size of the framework, the more it will be used. VueJS has a size of 18-21KB and is better as compared to bulky frameworks such as AngularJS and EmberJS.

VueJS possesses a fast ecosystem that allows the developers to get the best available parameters. Furthermore, it also positively impacts SEO and UX.

  • Easy Learning Curve

VueJS has a less steep learning curve due to its simple structure which makes tracing and eliminating errors in the coding environment easier and also leads to faster development of both small and large scale templates. This is the major reason for the high momentum of VueJS in the mobile market.

  • Ease of Developing Applications

The simplicity of VueJS is one of the prime reasons for its popularity. It is quite easy to understand and helps the developers to build applications easily. Also, the fact that large and small templates could be designed using this framework is what makes it so amazing.

Javascript is considered to be the most flexible programming language and VueJS is found to be more enhanced. VueJS enables developers to design the structure as they wish without having the limitation to build the components in a defined way.

Moreover, VueJS could create complex applications using ES6, bundling, and JSX and offers access to various working environments. The framework provides various ways for expressing its flexibility by expressing various codes.

  • Detailed Documentation

The framework provides detailed documentation that makes execution as well as writing the first application easier for the developers. VueJS happens to be a good option even when you do not carry a detailed knowledge of creating applications.

Basic knowledge of Javascript or HTML is enough for creating a web page. Moreover, in VueJs, the documentation process is also quite comprehensive. This implies that anyone can manage complicated operations with the help of resources.

  • Better Than ReactJS and AngularJS

The framework makes use of the component-based approach. It features a high performance, virtual rendering ability, and a single data flow hierarchy. VueJS possesses the combination of the best features of AngularJS and ReactJS. In fact, VueJS has been developed with the aim to eliminate the drawbacks of ReactJS and AngularJS. It has become a powerful tool for developers and delivers the best experiences on the web.

  • Simple Integration

VueJS has incredible integration capabilities with existing applications. Developed on JavaScript, it could be integrated into other applications that have been designed in JavaScript. The existing applications can be easily altered with VueJS while creating new applications too.

VueJS syntax is easy to understand and use. The components of VueJS are a combination of JavaScript and HTML. It has a simple structure, thus the large-scale development doesn’t take much time.

  • High Performance

Higher performance is another advantage of VueJS for development. This is due to the fact that it not only works with Virtual DOM but also pays more attention to the limitations. Moreover, VueJS comes with the potential to manage a high frame rate. This results in a better performance as compared to React.

  • Code Reusability

VueJS allows for code reusability which is yet another great thing about the framework. The components and view are the significant aspects of any app that could be included in the existing infrastructure without affecting the complete system.

Thus, VueJS is an amazing framework to add many components to an existing template. The community of VueJS has launched various extensions for the framework. They have a detailed look at the events by checking the components and other tools.

  • Flexibility

Another benefit of opting for VueJS for creating UI web is its flexibility. The framework enables developers to write templates in JavaScript and HTML and directly run them on different browsers.

  • A Document Object Model (DOM)

DOM is a representation of HTML pages with various elements and page content. When the page is loaded, the content stored as a tree structure gets generated. However, sometimes updating the DOM becomes difficult. When the components of DOM are tested with the updated data, then VueJS happens to be a better choice than React and Angular.

Another advantage is that VueJS enables two-way data binding which helps developers to easily track the updates. Sometimes, VueJS is known as Reactive as it reacts whenever data is modified. Two-way communication makes the framework different from other frameworks that permit only one-way communication such as ReactJS.

Final Words:

As mentioned above, VueJS is influenced by both the best frameworks, React, and Angular. Just like React, it implements virtual DOM and is component-based, while it offers two-way data binding like Angular. VueJS has components that check the smallest aspects of any application and thus is good for unit testing.

Overall, VueJS is an incredible framework for creating the user interface. The customization and other outstanding features offered by the framework make it the preferred choice of developers.

We are amongst the best VueJS consulting services that keep a track of the latest updates. Moreover, our team of skilled developers has the expertise and is well-versed in building incredible applications. Drop us an email with your project requirements and get the right solution in no time.

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