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Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka: History and Performance

Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka

Zimbabwe vs Sri Lanka: History Of Head-to-head Matches

Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe have been the best two associate teams for a long time now. Which team is better? Let’s take a look at their recent performances, their home records, and some of their players to answer this question. 

And while they are pretty evenly matched, there is one slight edge that Sri Lanka has over Zimbabwe. However, it’s not by much. There are pros and cons to both teams, and whichever one you’re backing probably has more to do with personal preference than anything else.


The Zimbabwe team has a captain that you can’t help but love. The way he plays is a clear indication of his passion for the game. For years now, Craig Ervine

has been leading his team from the front. And this time around, he has been in top form. Ervine is one of only five batsmen in this World Cup to have scored a hundred. He also has the highest batting average in this edition of the World Cup. 

Zimbabwe’s bowling has been their strength for a long time now. While their batsmen might not be consistent, their bowlers are always there to back them up. And during the group stages, they managed to bowl out two of the higher-ranked sides in this competition. 

Zimbabwe’s home record has seen them lose just one game out of six. A bit of a drop in form at this stage of the competition can be expected with the way they have played in the past. They’ve proven that on their day, they can beat any team.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s batting hasn’t seen the same sort of form that their bowling has. But they do have two batsmen who are in excellent form. This team has two of the five men with a 100+ batting average. This team has the highest total in this competition, and Kusal Mendis is one of the men behind that. 

The biggest question mark against Sri Lanka’s bowling has been their spin bowling. They have had a lot of trouble getting breakthroughs in the middle overs, and that has been their downfall in this competition. Sri Lanka’s home record is better than Zimbabwe’s. They have won several games in front of their home crowd. If any team is capable of recovering from a poor start and making a strong comeback, it’s Sri Lanka.

Key Players to watch

Sikandar Raza (ZIM): There are two things that stand out in Raza’s batting. First, he is scoring quick runs. And second, he is doing it without being too flashy. This guy’s technique is so sound that he is rarely out of his crease. He has been one of the most consistent batsmen in this World Cup, and he is an excellent option to finish your team off. 

 Pathum Nissanka (SL): This guy is an excellent finisher. In fact, all of Sri Lanka’s batsmen have been excellent finishers in this World Cup. Pathum has a batting average of almost 100, and he has been in excellent form for the most part.

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Prediction: Who is better?

We think Sri Lanka is slightly better than Zimbabwe. The upcoming matches will be thrilling, and they could go either way. Sri Lanka’s bowling should be able to subdue Zimbabwe’s batsmen better than vice versa. So we have a slight edge over the hosts. 

We think Zimbabwe will play their best game of the tournament against Sri Lanka. But we don’t think they will be enough to topple them. If Sri Lanka’s bowlers manage to get a few early breakthroughs, they could be out of the game very early on. Our prediction is that Sri Lanka will be a better performer.

Preview: What to expect

The upcoming matches will be important for both teams. Whoever wins will qualify for more matches. Whoever loses will not be promoted. The upcoming games will be close between two evenly-matched teams. There is no reason why one team should be favored over the other.

Both teams have a small disadvantage in one department and a very slight edge in another. Sri Lanka has been playing very well for quite some time now. They have won many matches in the past. Zimbabwe has only played a few matches and lost as well.


Many are wondering about which team has an edge over the other in this contest. Both Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka have great individual players who can turn any game on its head at any moment. However, as a team unit, which squad has what it takes to qualify for the final of this global tournament? It is tough to predict.