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6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Care About Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Businesses and enterprises are becoming more device-agnostic day by day. Moving your business and critical data to the cloud ensures data security and fosters employee productivity and data access.

However, with the growing cybersecurity risks, one must recognize the cloud security challenges organizations, especially small businesses, face when managing cloud access. With fewer resources to implement cybersecurity and less expertise to manage and monitor online threats, there are several reasons why considering cloud data security is important.

This article discusses six critical reasons why you should care about cloud security for your business.

6 Reasons to Care About Cloud Security

Here are six reasons businesses using the cloud to store and access data and applications need a cloud-based application security system.

1. Increasing data breaches

Data breaches are still among the top cybersecurity threats for organizations worldwide.

An IBM research predicted the cost of data breaches to reach a whopping $4.35 million by the end of 2022. Hence, it’s much rather recommended to take the best cloud and cybersecurity measures than to spend thousands of dollars dealing with the consequences of data breaches.

Such data breaches add to the business cost and hamper the enterprise’s credibility and authority, affecting customer confidence and loyalty.

2. Constantly evolving threat models

Cyber threats constantly evolve daily, waiting to disrupt the organization’s cloud infrastructure. Hence, protecting the cloud systems and data and strengthening the cloud application security architecture can help mitigate the evolving risks.

Implementing identity authentication and data encryption solutions is crucial to ensure maximum cloud data privacy and security.

3. Remote work is the new norm

The remote working model and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are here to stay and are common practices for many global organizations.

However, using personal devices and computers over public WiFi comes with its own risks, increasing the attack’s surface and making it easier for malicious users to access the cloud data.

Deploying better device management and identity and access management services can help reduce the risks of malware and other malicious threats. You can look at using a managed Keycloak service that can help improve your business’s cyber security.

4. Comply with regulations

It’s important to comply with standard regulatory data compliances, like PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR, to efficiently manage customer data and continue your business operation on legal terms.

Failure to comply with these regulations results in hefty fines and a negative business reputation. Cloud security services help you comply and adhere to these data regulations, protecting customer, business, and employee data and information.

5. Improves reliability and builds customer trust

Implementing the best cloud security measures improves trust and reliability in the eyes of your loyal customers, strengthening long-term relationships and boosting customer trust.

It assures them that their sensitive information is safe and won’t be leaked by prying and malicious users, making your enterprise a trustworthy and reliable entity for customers.

6. Prevents unauthorized access

A poor cloud security measure enables anyone to access your cloud network’s sensitive data.

However, secure cloud security solutions, like Zero Trust, prevent unauthorized access, granting access to only authenticated and authorized users, ensuring maximum data and cloud application security.

It helps minimize the attack surface and limits access to sensitive data and applications to your cloud network.


While the adoption of the cloud has increased multifold, so have the cybersecurity risks and online cloud threats. Hence, protecting critical cloud applications and data from malicious users, phishing attacks, and data breaches is important.

If you’re looking for a cloud security solution, check out InstaSafe Zero Trust Security and their Secure Cloud Access service, which helps combat traditional cloud access risks and simplifies cloud access for your organization while improving productivity and data privacy.