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Why You Should Avoid Using Free Mobile Proxies

Free Mobile Proxies

If you own an e-commerce brand that requires a lot of data to perform properly, you must be familiar with proxies and their importance in data extraction or web scraping. Proxies do not only help you collect data easily, but they also protect you and your information while you are at it.

Proxies are, essentially, software that can serve as a middleman to pass your request discreetly to the target destination and return results the same way. And there are different types for different functions and devices. Because many people perform activities on the go, most of these activities are performed on mobile devices.

This has given rise to several mobile proxies. They are very effective, and while some cost a certain amount to use, others are free. But even a free mobile proxy comes with a cost. For instance, when you route your communications via a free mobile proxy, you are most likely surrendering your internet protocol (IP) address to anyone looking to jeopardize the safety of your data and the internal security of your brand.

What Are Mobile Proxies?

Proxies are intermediary tools used by companies and individuals to transfer communication between them and the internet without exposing their identity. Your online identity is usually embedded in your IP address, and whenever you use a proxy, it conceals your IP address so that no one can identify you online. This is exactly how businesses stay anonymous and discreet during several sensitive tasks.

And mobile proxies are defined as intermediary software adapted and built to perform the above function on mobile devices. They work on portable devices by spreading connectivity across several other devices while using 3G or 4G mobile connections.

They are owned by internet service providers (ISP) and are allocated IPs, locations, and proxies that are authentic. This way, even when they mask your IP, the target website still views you as a regular internet user and not a proxy.

With a mobile proxy, you can continuously switch addresses and rotate proxies to allow seamless, uninterrupted browsing. Some of them are designed to change IPs at certain intervals, while others wait until you refresh them or log off to switch the IP to a new one.

Either way, the fact that these IPs are tied to actual location makes them highly trusted and prevents them from getting blocked as you surf the internet.

How Do Mobile Proxies Work?

Mobile proxies work just like regular proxies but on mobile devices. It uses cellular connections to transfer communications while concealing your actual IP address.

When you send out a request using a mobile proxy, the request is forwarded to the destination using an authentic IP address allocated by the ISP. The request reaches the target server, and the extracted information is returned to you following the same route.

Every time you make a new request, this process repeats itself but with a different IP, proxy, and location. Therefore, it is possible not only to enjoy uninterrupted browsing but also to access any server from any part of the world, including restricted regions.

How Can Mobile Proxies Be Used By Businesses?

There are several ways that businesses can use mobile proxies, including in the following ways:

1. To Ensure Internal Security

Nothing puts a company’s security more at risk than having all their sensitive information carelessly displayed on the internet. And one of the top responsibilities of mobile proxies is to ensure your information is hidden while surfing the internet.

2. To Guarantee Anonymity

Mobile proxies transfer connections by combining the IPs and locations of several interconnected mobile devices. And this ensures that a company can stay anonymous at all times while still enjoying a great internet connection.

3. For Faster Connections

Another reason why brands use mobile proxies is not just because they are easily accessible but because they are incredibly fast as well. Connection is properly organized and well sorted out so that brands can send out a request and receive results more quickly.

4. To Prevent Server Downtime

A server downtime occurs when a server crashes, and servers generally crash because of heavy traffic. This is usually bad for both the companies browsing the server and the company that owns the website. Mobile proxies are well known for regulating incoming traffic and balancing the load on each server or website, thereby preventing crashes.

What Are Free Mobile Proxies?

Free mobile proxies are mobile proxies that are free for all to use. In most cases, they will only require you to fill in the country and address of the website you intend to visit, and they can route your request and results using their IP. Although this sounds straightforward on paper, it is a different ball game in reality. Below we will consider some of the reasons why it is inadvisable to use free proxies.

Why It Is Best To Avoid Free Mobile Proxies

Here are some dangers you may likely face when you use free mobile proxies:

  • They lack encryption which can leave your data open to anyone on the internet
  • Free mobile proxies can monitor your connection and read your information
  • They have add-ons which in most cases contain some malicious malware
  • They are filled with annoying pop-ups, and they can steal cookies
  • Most free mobile proxies lack any support system, and those that have usually have poor customer services


Mobile proxies are not just a tool in a niche but also an entire niche for online brands. They provide security, anonymous and quick connections, and help anyone reach any part of the internet. It is best to opt-in for the paid versions as the free ones are not only annoying to use but can also cause significant damage to your company’s internal security.