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22 Useful Cool Discord Bots to Enhance Your Server

Cool Discord Bots

Selecting a perfect Discord bot to enhance your server out of so many cool Discord bots can be challenging. Here is a list of the best 22 Discord bots to help you choose from.

As you know Discord is a popular chatting and media-sharing platform, especially popular among gamers, but what sets it apart is its ability to add bots to your server, which can level up your server’s functionality. These bots help you automate tasks, moderate the server environment, and various entertaining and helpful features.

But with each bot offering its unique features and functionalities, it becomes a challenge to pick the right bot. So, here we are to help you find the best option for you. In this blog, we have made a list of 22 cool Discord bots. We have shared a detailed overview of each of them along with the simple steps to add your favorite Discord bot to your server. So, go through the list the find your perfect bot for your Discord server.

Here is the List of 22 Cool Discord Bots

1. Dank Memer

Cool Discord Bots

Dank Memer is one of the most popular discord bots known for its meme-related features. If you are a memer or if you enjoy memes, Dank Memer is a gem for you. Dank Memer, allows you to generate memes, manipulate images, gamble with memes, and engage using special meme commands. It also offers a currency system within servers. This currency allows you to earn and spend virtual currency on various activities. Dank Memer not only brings laughs with its memes but also helps keep your server in check by setting keywords and image examples to ban or mute users who break the rules.

Pricing –

Meme Enthusiast – $2.99 per month

Elite Memer – $4.99 per month

Platinum Memer – $9.99 per month

Meme Maestro – $19.99 per month

Meme Mogul – $44.99 per month

2. MEE6

Cool Discord Bots

The next cool Discord bot on this list is MEE6. It helps you to keep your server organized by managing message filtering. It includes automatic message scanning for any violations like bad language, outside links, or spoilers. It also allows you to mute or remove someone after certain amounts of warnings.

You can play music, earn points, and level up by being active. Not only this, MEE6 connects with platforms like YouTube and Twitch and gives you updates on new videos and live streams. Additionally, you can create your commands, check server stats, and manage member role assignments.

Pricing –  $11.99/month, $49.99/year, or get a lifetime license for $89.99.

3. GAwesome Bot

Cool Discord Bots

GAwesome is a versatile Discord bot that offers various features such as managing chats, member ranks, running polls, and creating memes within Discord servers. But it doesn’t end here, you can also connect it to Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Reddit right on your server. Plus, you can even set up your news feeds!

Doesn’t all these amazing features make GAwesome Bot one of the cool Discord bots?

4. Mudae

Cool Discord Bots

Mudae is arguably one of the coolest Discord bots on this list. And why not? it has a range of multiplayer games and anime-centric features, so, if you are an Anime fan you’ll love it! With Mudae, users can collect, trade, and battle virtual characters from their favorite anime series.

It also has role-playing games and trivia quizzes to keep users entertained. Mudae lets you personalize your profile and fight against other characters. It has a huge collection of over 35,000 manga characters, including waifus and husbandos, along with 100,000 images and GIFs from the community. so, overall Mudae enhances Discord server by promoting engagement and community interaction.

Pricing – The subscription charges for the Mudae bot range from $ 5 per month to $ 35 per month.

5. Karuta

Cool Discord Bots

If you are looking for a Discord bot just like Mudae, Karuta is here for you!

Karuta is one of the cool Discord bots known for its collectible card game (CCG) features. It has around 70,000 anime characters and it allows users to collect, trade, and battle with virtual cards within Discord servers. Players can gather cards by typing commands in the chat, participating in events, or purchasing them from the shop. You can also exchange cards and earn some money.

6. TriviaBot

Cool Discord Bots

As the name suggests, TriviaBot adds trivia quizzes to Discord servers and lets users join trivia games and answer questions on different topics. offers customizable settings, allowing server administrators to adjust question difficulty, categories, and more. Players can compete against each other to earn points and climb the leaderboard. This is one of the simple-to-use bots on this list with just three commands. You can use ‘trivia help’ to view all available commands, ‘trivia start’ to begin playing the game, and ‘trivia categories’ to select the topic for questions. This cool Discord bot also helps you in learning through trivia quizzes.

Price – TriviaBot Premium (Monthly) – £3/ month

TriviaBot Premium (Quarterly) – £8/ Quarter

TriviaBot Premium (Yearly) – £30/ year

TriviaBot Premium (Lifetime) – £99 (one-off cost)

7. Dyno

Cool Discord Bots

Dyno is a widely used Discord bot that effectively enhances your server experience. The best part of this bot is it provides moderation tools to manage activities to maintain a smooth environment. These features include automatic spam filtering, preventing raids, and managing message content. Dyno also offers utilities such as server logging, allowing administrators to track activity and enforce rules effectively. This ensures no member is being mistreated and rules are being followed.

Dyno is also handy for providing custom announcements, especially when someone joins, leaves, or is banned from the server. Its custom commands feature enables server owners to personalize their server experience, providing quick access to frequently used functions and information. But the best part that makes Dyno one of the cool discord bots in this list is that it can chat with Cleverbot, share stats from Overwatch, and even play music from YouTube!

Price – While Dyno is free to use, it also offers premium plans. Dyno Premium for 1 server costs $ 2.99/month and A fully hosted custom Dyno Premium costs $ 5.99/month.

8. ProBot

Cool Discord Bots

ProBot is a multipurpose bot that is highly customizable to enhance your Discord server. It offers the features to generate welcome messages with custom images to welcome new members. It also tracks and displays users’ activity levels in both text and voice channels. You can use ProBot if you want detailed logs of server activity including message edits, deletions, and member joins. This feature allows you to have proper insights into the server’s activities. Like most bots, ProBot offers moderation tools to filter out inappropriate content and maintain a positive environment.

Price – ProBot can be used free of cost, but you can subscribe for premium features through these two premium plans –

  • Premium Tier 1: $5
  • Premium Tier 2: $10


Cool Discord Bots

If you enjoy Role-Playing games, this is one of the best Discord bots for you, because as its name EPIC RPG (Role-Playing Game) suggests, it specializes in this field. It allows you to play text-based role-play games in various classes such as Warrior, Mage, and Archer, each with its own unique abilities. Apart from its amazing RPG where players can level up their characters through battles and adventures, EPIC RPG also offers a virtual currency system. It enables players to earn coins by participating in battles and trading armor and weapons with other server members. Don’t all these features make EPIC RPG one of the cool Discord bots?

10. Tatsu

cool Discord bots

If you love a good challenge as a way to level up or if you have a competitive spirit, Tatsu can be the best choice for you. Tatsu creates an excellent competitive environment within your server, that motivates you to level up through the XP system. You can climb up the leaderboard and unlock rewards based on your achievements. Not only this, Tatsu also offers customizable profiles and badges. All in all it’s a fun interactive and competitive cool discord bot!

Price – There are three subscription plans ranging from $ 4.99/ month to $39.99/ month. You can also support Tatsu by purchasing tokens.

11. Sesh

Cool Discord Bots

The Sesh bot has something different to deliver from other bots. It is one of the best calendar manager bots that offers calendar management, scheduling, reminders, event creation, and much more. With Sesh, you can create events effortlessly without needing to stick to any specific format. Just create tasks and specify the time using your own natural language. Plus, if you’re a gamer, Sesh is particularly useful for coordinating gaming events across different time zones. It automatically converts time zones and sends reminders for gaming events in your local time.

Sesh also offers handy features like integration with Google Calendar, polls for choosing the best time, countdowns, recurring events, and customizable time zones.

Price – You can choose between 2 premium plans and it also allows you to choose if you want to pay monthly or annually.

Premium plan – $ 4.99/month or $ 49.99/yearly

Premium bundle – $ 8.99/month or $ 89.99/yearly

12. Arcane

cool Discord bots

Arcane is a feature-rich Discord bot. It offers leveling, moderation, logging, and custom commands making it one of the cool Discord bots.

It offers a variety of games and interactive features to engage users and enhance the server experience. With these features, Arcane helps you manage your Discord server by assigning roles to members as they level up. It has features like reaction roles, YouTube notifications, and moderation tools. Just like ProBot it has detailed logging features. Arcade also offers customization features, giving server owners the ability to adjust the gaming experience according to their community’s preferences.

Price – Arcane offers premium features starting at just $7.

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Cool Discord Bots

YAGPDB (Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot) is a multi-purpose Discord bot. Like most cool Discord bots on this list, YAGPDB offers moderation tools. However, it offers a lot more features including features such as kick, ban, advanced cleaning parameters, timed mutes and bans, modlog with detailed records of kicks, bans, mutes, and warnings, personalized messages to individuals receiving warnings, kicks, mutes, or bans, message logs, and warning functionality.

Apart from this, it also features custom commands, automated role management, timers, and a fully customizable reaction role system. YAGPDB was developed by the same creator as MEE6, which we covered earlier in this blog. However, YAGPDB offers more features compared to MEE6, with excellent stability regardless of how you customize it.

14. MedalBot

cool Discord bots

Don’t worry gamers we haven’t forgotten you, this MedalBot is for you gamers. MedalBot helps you by simplifying the process of sharing gaming clips and highlights within Discord servers. It allows users to easily capture and share gaming moments by recording gameplay clips directly from their PC or console.

These clips can then be uploaded to MedalBot’s platform and shared with others via Discord. MedalBot also provides various features such as leaderboards, challenges, and rewards to encourage community engagement and competition. Additionally, it offers moderation tools and allows the admin to mute, kick, or ban members who violate your server rules as well as to detect spam and words from your blacklist.

15. ChatGPT

cool Discord bots

As a widely recognized text generator, server creators have found a way to use ChatGPT in their servers. As a cool Discord server ChatGPT can automate various tasks, such as moderation, welcome messages, role assignments, and more. It also assists in maintaining a positive and safe environment by moderating chats, filtering out spam, and detecting inappropriate content. With interactive features like games, polls, and trivia GPT encourages participation.

Along with all these ChatGPT also offers customization options such as custom commands, roles, and channel settings, allowing server owners to customize the server as per members’ preference. The best part that makes ChatGPT one of the cool Discord bots is that it provides utility functions like weather updates, time zone conversions, and Google search integration!

16. Discord Translator

Cool Discord Bots

In the gaming community, where you compete and play with players from different countries, overcoming language barriers becomes essential to enjoy a smooth gaming experience. If you are facing difficulties in communicating with your fellow game mates because of language differences, the Discord Translator bot can help you. It allows you to type messages in your preferred language and automatically translates them into another language. Not only this, but it can also translate messages into multiple languages at once with a quick command.

17. Discord Dungeons

Cool Discord Bots

If you liked the Epic RPG bot we discussed earlier, you might like Discord Dungeons as well. With text-based commands, you can experience RPG games on your Discord servers. On Discord Dungeons you can explore dungeons, face monsters, and play battles with your friends.

18. FreeStuff

cool Discord bots

FreeStuff is a really handy Discord bot. Just like the name says, it sends you updates about free games. Once you add the bot to your server, it’ll let you know whenever a game that usually costs money is free for a limited time. And the best part? It won’t spam you messages about games that are already free to play!

19. Jockie Music

cool Discord bots

If you love music and want to have a Discord bot that’s all about playing music, Jockie Music is a perfect pick. It lets you listen to songs from different music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, TIDAL, and SoundCloud by typing a keyword after the “m!play” prefix or by pasting the song link. If you have a large Discord server Jockie Music allows you to add up to four instances of the bot, making it perfect for multiple listening sessions. Plus, if you support the project on Patreon, you get extra perks like continuous access to the voice channel and exclusive premium Jockie bots.

20. Uzox

cool Discord bots

Uzox is yet another music bot that allows you to enjoy music with friends on your server. What sets Uzox apart is its premium features like music filters and lyrics, which you can access without needing a subscription. is known for its reliability, with minimal downtimes.

21. Fredboat

Discord Music Bots

Just like Jockie Music, Fredboat is also a popular Discord music bot that allows you to listen to music directly within Discord servers. It supports various music sources, including YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, and Vimeo. You can play music just by sharing the link to your preferred song. Along with music, Fredboat also offers some moderation features making it one of the cool Discord bots.

22. Miki

cool Discord bots

The last bot in this list is Miki. Miki is a Discord bot that’s both powerful and entertaining. With Miki, you can manage your server effectively by implementing incentives like role rewards and level-based roles to encourage positive engagement among members. It also provides moderation tools to maintain a clean and friendly environment. Miki also encourages interaction and engagement through its leaderboard system, which rewards members with experience points for various activities like sending messages and staying active.

How to Add A Bot To The Discord Server?

Honestly, choosing the perfect bot for you is the most difficult part. Now, that you have figured it out, adding it to your server is a simple process. Just go to the official site of your preferred bot and find the invite link. Once you have got the link, click on it and select “Add”. You will be asked to select the server to want to add the bot. Remember, you can only add Discord bots to servers if you have the admin rights. After selecting the server you will get the confirmation once it is successfully added.


That’s all we have to share for now. With this list of cool Discord bots, we hope you will be able to find the perfect bot for your server. We have something for everyone, for memers, we have Dank Memer, for gamers, we have EPIC RPG and MedalBot, for management tasks, you can go for Sesh. In the same way, if you love text generation as the best part, you have ChatGPT, for detailed logging details, ProBot, and YAGPDB. For competitive spirits we have Tatsu! So, choose the one that fits your preferences and add it to your server using the above-shared steps. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments.


1. What is Discord bot?

Ans – Discord bot is an automated program that helps you with various activities on your Discord server, like moderating or interacting with users.

2. How to add bots to a Discord server?

Ans – To add bots to a Discord server, you need to first find the bot you want to add. Once you’ve found the bot you want to add, you’ll need to click on the bot’s invite link and select the server you want to add it to. After granting the necessary permissions and authorizations, the bot will be added to your server.

3. Are bots safe in Discord?

Ans – Generally, most bots available for Discord are safe to use as long as they come from reputable developers. Make sure you add them from the official websites. However, read the permissions they ask for before adding them to your server.

4. Why should I add Discord bots to my server?

Ans – You should add Discord bots to your server because they can help with tasks, entertain users, and make your community more engaging and fun.

5. Where to find Discord bots?

Ans – Here we have enlisted 22 cool Discord bots for you to choose from, apart from this you can search for “Discord bots+what you want to do” to find more.