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Groovy bot for Discord: Tutorial and Commands

Groovy bot for Discord

So, you have a server, and you want to recommend music to people, what will you do? You think of sharing links, but it’s too mainstream since everyone will listen in their own time. How about listening to something collectively? In that case, meet the groovy bot for Discord.

What is Groovy?

Groovy bot for Discord

Groovy is one of the ways where you can stream your music online and share it collectively with people on your Discord Server. It supports various music websites compared to another bot, while also supporting a wide range of commands. Getting started with Groovy is simple, and it does not require you to sign up for any service. What’s more? It’s free of cost! Though it still has an option for premium functionality.

Why should I use Groovy?

  1. One of the most stable music bots available for Discord.
  2. No sign-in is required
  3. Lag-free and easy-to-use
  4. Comes with a host of features, including changing the bot’s output volume
  5. Supports various audio effects like Bass boost, night core, vaporwave, and so on.

How can I add Groovy?

Groovy bot for Discord

Adding a Groovy bot to your Discord is extremely easy. Just follow the steps

Step 1: Go to the Groovy bot website.

Step 2: On the website, click on the “Add to Discord” button

Step 3: After that, give access to Groovy of your discord account

Step 4: That’s it, you have added Groovy successfully to your discord server. Now start listening!

How to use Groovy Bot?

Using a Groovy bot is simpler than you think, the developers have released tutorials on how to use Groovy, you can check that as well. For now, let’s go through the steps:

Step 1: To start using the Groovy, you need to join a voice channel first.

Step 2: After that, use the –play command to tell Groovy to play a song.

Step 3: Once you enter the command the music bot will automatically go ahead and join your voice channel and start playing your requested song.

How to Play Spotify Music with Groovy Bot?

It’s straightforward to play Spotify on Groovy, due to its easy-to-use interface, one can play music through Spotify, very easily via Groovy.

Step 1: Open Spotify and select the song that you want to play with Groovy.

Step 2: Next, click on the more, then click on share and copy the playlist link.

Step 3: Now open up your discord server and paste the link followed by –play command

Step 4: Happy listening!

List of Groovy Bot Commands

Groovy can be used for different tasks such as playing, pausing, resuming, and changing tracks. Simply go through these following commands and take charge of your music:

  1. Start playing music, or add to the queue: -play [link or search query]
  2. Play the attached file: -play the file
  3. To make the bot join: -Join
  4. Displays the queue: -queue
  5. Skip to the next song: -next
  6. Skip back: -back
  7. Removes all tracks from the queue: -clear
  8. Skips to the specified track: -jump [track position or title]
  9. Displays lyrics for the playing track: -lyrics
  10. Pause playback: -pause
  11. Resumes playback: -resume
  12. Removes the specified track from the queue: -remove [track position or title]
  13. Disconnect the bot from your voice channel and clear the queue: -disconnect
  14. Randomizes the tracks in the queue: -shuffle
  15. Displays info about the specified track in the queue: -song [song]

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So that was our take on the Groovy Music bot. It’s one of the best platforms for music lovers and can make a community more engaging as well. Music is loved by all, so why not listen to it together?