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Essential Factors to Consider When Choosing a Minecraft Server

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Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular online games. Sadly though, many online servers are plagued by griefers and trolls. If you aren’t very selective about the servers you use then you could end up playing on one that’s not taken seriously by its users. Such servers are irritating to play because just as you build a base or do something productive, someone comes along and undoes all your hard work.

This post will explore this topic in more detail and tell you about some essential factors in need of consideration when you’re choosing a Minecraft server:

Think About Maps

There are lots of different Minecraft maps available. Most people prefer the original Skyblock map. If you prefer this map then it’s worth looking for Minecraft Skyblock servers to play on. Bear in mind that you need to think about a lot more than just maps, however. Even servers with the best maps can be frequented by griefers and trolls. You also need servers with strict admins and moderators, but this will be covered in more detail later on in this post. For now, this section will just focus on maps.

If you are new to Minecraft then it’s unlikely you will know about all of the different maps that exist in the game world. There are guides and tutorials that you can read that explain what these are. You can also watch videos that walk players through these different maps and their features. Learning about these maps prior to playing in them will help you to become a more experienced gamer. Learning about them will also benefit you in that you’ll know what to expect when you actually jump into the game and start playing. Knowing what to expect can make the whole experience much more entertaining.

Consider Host Location

One very important factor that you need to take into consideration when you are looking for a Minecraft server is the location of the host. If a server is hosted in a foreign country then there may be a chance that you will be able to use it as it may be too slow for you to. Certain countries have much slower Internet connections than others. This is especially true when you are using them internationally. Try to find servers that are hosted in your country and nowhere else. If you cannot do this then try to find a country that is near to you. Alternatively, use US servers. US servers are known for being very, very good.

When you load up the Minecraft server master list you should be able to see which countries servers are hosted in. This is because next to the server’s name there will be a picture of a flag. This flag will be the country in which the server is hosted in. If you’re having trouble finding the master list then you may be able to search for servers online. You can conduct a simple Internet search to help you to bring up the names and IPs of servers hosted in your country. You can then connect to the server you have chosen by its IP address.

Minecraft Server

Active Administrators

Ideally, the server issues should have active administrators and moderators. If the server that you choose to play on does not have administrators or moderators that use it often then hackers could begin frequenting it, acting with impunity. Some servers have anti-hack bots that immediately ban hackers when they are detected. Anti-hack bots will be explored in more detail in the next section.

In terms of finding servers with active administration teams, you’ll need to conduct extensive online research to do this. The server you choose should ideally have its own forum. On this forum, you will be able to get a good idea of whether or not it has active staff. This is because there will be bug and player reports posted there. If there has been no activity in a forum’s report section for some time, then it clearly suggests that a server’s staff is inactive or simply does not care about the server enough to devote their time to clearing out and answering reports.

Anti-Hacking Bots

If the server you choose to play on does not have active staff, at least ensure that they have anti-hacking bots in place. If your chosen server doesn’t have anti-hack bots, then there won’t be much you can do as far as avoiding hackers goes. Anti-hack bots are usually not openly publicized and only kick in when a hacker has been detected. If you want to find out whether or not the server you have chosen to use has anti-hack bots, then get in touch with the server’s staff via their forum or email and ask them.

If you are a player who enjoys hacking, then you need to make sure that you only use service to accommodate such kinds of play. If you go onto a regular server and start hacking then you are going to ruin everybody else’s time. Or you may not care about ruining everybody else’s time, it is simply an immoral thing to do. People devote lots of their time to building Minecraft spaces and if you come along and destroy them then you’re going to ruin people’s experiences. As noted above, some servers accommodate hackers or players who want to cheat.

Enjoying Yourself

Whatever server you choose, make sure that it’s one you can actually have fun on. As serious as some people take Minecraft, it is ultimately a game at the end of the day. If you don’t treat it as such (and if you take it too seriously) then you’ll never have fun. Finding a good server is very important as if the server you are using is not a good match for you then enjoyment won’t come easily to you when you are using it. Try to find a server with good people so that you can play with them.

Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular games. When you consider that players are able to create their own unique digital worlds, it’s not hard to see why. If you plan on taking up Minecraft gaming then use this post’s guidance to find a server that is right for you.