Home Technology 6 Reasons Why Every Indian Household Needs an Inverter

6 Reasons Why Every Indian Household Needs an Inverter

6 Reasons Why Every Indian Household Needs an Inverter

It’s not surprising to find an inverter in every house these days. With frequent power cuts and growing dependence on electrical appliances, inverters have become a necessity. But if you are someone who thinks they don’t need one every time they pass by an electrical store, think again.

You might have your reasons to not buy one. But we can give you plenty more reasons to buy one instead. Beginning with the most obvious one – inverters can make your lives easier. We’ll tell you how.

But before we do, it’s essential that you understand what they are and how they work.


What Are Inverters and What Do They Do? 

In simple terms, you can consider inverters as backup devices that store electricity for the times you need it. Inverters save and store electricity in normal circumstances, i.e., when you have the electricity running. In case of power cuts, this saved electricity is then used by the inverters to keep your gadgets and appliances running.

In technical jargon, an inverter converts Direct Current (DC) into Alternate Current (AC). Almost all your devices at home run on AC. This is how inverters provide electricity to these devices to keep them functioning.

Now that you have understood how inverters function, it’s time we take a look at the reasons why you need an inverter at home.

  1. Our Lifestyle Has Become Dependent on Gadgets and Appliances. 

It cannot be denied that our lifestyle has grown dependent on gadgets and appliances. Indian households have them running all the time, so much so that they have become a necessity these days.

You may do without electricity if you don’t have any essential operation depending on electricity. But, in case you are working from home or live in locations with extreme weather conditions, a few hours without electric appliances can be a huge inconvenience – to you and your work. In such circumstances, inverters can save the day by keeping your essential gadgets and appliances running.

  1. It’s a Lifesaver When You are Living in a Region with Frequent Power Cuts. 

Not all locations in India have a smooth flow of electricity all day long. This goes for both rural and urban regions. Majority households in Uttar Pradesh, for instance, receive electricity for 4-5 hours a day. Jharkhand, on the other hand, faces power blackouts for 1-2 days straight. According to reports, India faces a daily power outage of 30,000 MW, adversely affecting quality of life and work. You might not be able to control power cuts, but you can be prepared with the help of an inverter.

  1. Ensures Stable Voltage Output 

Do you hesitate to buy an inverter because you think it is unsafe and can cause short circuits?

Much to our incognizance, inverters do not only act as power back-ups, but they help regulate voltage output. All the appliances at our homes need stable voltage and flow of current not only to operate smoothly but to avoid voltage fluctuations that can cause short-circuits. Having said that, inverters ensure a stable voltage output to keep all your appliances in your home safe.

However yes, sometimes inverters do come with a risk. But it’s not that these risks cannot be eliminated with proper maintenance and a quality product. Luminous is one of the trusted brands in India that you can go for when it comes to quality, safety, and affordability.

  1. They are Budget-Friendly 

If you think you need an inverter for basic requirements, there are tons of options you can choose from according to your budget. Luminous, to be particular, provides a wide variety of options that do not only fit your budgets but your requirements as well.


  1. You Can Choose the One that Fits Your Requirements the Most.

Once again, there are lots of options to choose from. However, the appropriate fit would be the one that meets your requirements. Your requirements refer to the appliances you would need in an event of power outage.

If you have to operate heavy appliances, like air conditioners and televisions, you have to go for high-capacity inverters. However, if you just want to operate basic appliances like fans, Wi-Fi, you can go for standard inverters.

  1. Add-on Benefits to Power Generators 

If you live in an apartment, your society might have the facility of a power generator. But even with the power generator, you wouldn’t be able to operate all the appliances you’d need. To be specific, not all power generators can operate Wi-fi. Having an inverter can save the day by allowing you to operate these essential gadgets and additional power sources that your power generator wouldn’t be able to.