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6 Reasons Why Videos Accelerate Growth for Startups

Videos Accelerate Growth

Previously, videos were usually created as an afterthought in a marketing campaign. But today, it takes the lead role as an essential element in every marketing strategy. Many startups, including SaaS and technology, have adopted video marketing even if it meant working with tech video modelling agency to create engaging content.

Why is it essential to adopt video marketing as a startup? Many agree that it helps to accelerate growth. Read on to find out why videos improve growth for startups.

1. Consumers love videos

About 500 million people watch videos on Facebook daily, and more video content is uploaded online daily. Videos are a prevalent form of content as consumers continue to search for something that they can see and be excited about. You can compare the number of likes, comments, and shares you get from video content to anything else.

Nothing stops you from posting some how-to videos on YouTube, so they pop up whenever you search for related topics and find your brand.

2. Videos increase Search Engine Optimization.

Your website can rank higher if visitors spend more time there. Since video capture your audience more and can keep them engaged longer, it will also have a good advantage in SEO. Though Google’s algorithm constantly changes, getting the complex regular posting of high-quality videos must be considered.

Landing pages with videos are 53% likely to show up first on google search. Also, websites with regular high-quality videos can get an increase of up to 157% organic results from the google search engine.

3. Videos drive conversations

Videos well placed in a sales funnel can help your consumers’ decision process. One good example is an explainer video. It is also an excellent way to interact with prospective buyers and convince them to make a purchase. This is because, with the video, they visually represent what the product can do for them.

Video marketing also gives you instant feedback on who is watching, from where and how long they are watching. With these analytics, you can make an adjustment on placement or targeting to improve sales if necessary.

4. It is Mobile Friendly

Smartphone users love to watch videos on the go. Since video is mobile-friendly, it has continued to get an increased audience. The social network features on mobile phones help brands reach a handful of audiences at a time. As a startup, you only need to create engaging videos in the correct dimensions for mobile consumption and place them on your social networks.

Instagram and Snapchat have also created marketing opportunities with their stories feature and shoppable videos. The audience can share and like, making them automatically evangelists for your brand.

5. Video Marketing is affordable.

As demands for videos continue to increase, so do the various means of production increase hence making the cost of video production minimum. Also, videos cover a larger audience when compared to telemarketing and salesperson. Yet the audience still understands how the product or service you offer can benefit them.

Videos fit into all the different stages of the funnel. You just need to pick the correct type of video for every stage. Strategically placing videos from awareness to conversion will help increase sales.

6. Virality

Since videos can be shared on social media, there is a high chance of your brand content going viral. Virality is a huge selling point for a startup. It means that millions of people get to learn about your business or brand. Ensure your content is captivating and can speak to your audience’s emotions.

Final Thoughts

Videos are the most crucial marketing tool and are unavoidably one of the easiest ways to make people fully understand what you do. It affects their decision-making process and helps them convert. You can use several easy and cheap methods and tools to create videos that will drive traffic to your brand. Hence, cost and budget will not stand as a challenge to accelerating your growth.

This is the best way to encourage even the laziest buyers. You can make huge sales even with a 15-second non-skippable YouTube video ad.

There is no need to sit on the fence. Video marketing should be your priority as a startup. Leverage its popularity for your growth.