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Apk ad blocker: what is it, and how does it work

Apk ad blocker

Ads on web pages irritate users and ruin content viewing. Although developers create effective ad blocker apk for Android, many third-party services constantly find new ways to show it, taking away precious time from Internet surfers. To solve this problem, you do not need to get root rights on your gadget; just install an app to block annoying banners.

It is impossible to disable ad scripts in the settings completely. However, there is a way out: ad blocker apk free download on Google Play or just use the automatic link to download. Today we will talk about one of the best apps for banner blocking – AWAX. Let’s discuss it in more detail and understand the features of its work.

What is AWAX ad blocker APK, and how to install it on the phone?

AWAX is software for blocking advertising content on websites and apps, including Android. The latest versions of the product allow you not only to protect against marketing tracking and phishing attacks, but also to speed up page loading, save mobile traffic, and keep data privacy. Blocker lets mobile device users play games and browse web resources and YouTube videos without being distracted by advertising “trash.”

The feature-rich blocker works independently. Thanks to special algorithms, it removes malicious links from the code of apps or sites. Disabling ad banners, videos and notifications reduce the load on the processor and memory of the device, which optimizes the battery and increases overall performance.

AWAX helps you eliminate ad notifications, pop-ups, and third-party sites in your browser. With a VPN service, this ad blocker apk for Сhrome redirects incoming traffic to local service and thus prohibits online trackers from tracking and collecting user data.

You can find and download this ad blocker apk for free on Google Play, popular online stores, or our website. All you have to do is click the “Download” button, and the program will be installed on your phone. For the licensed version, you need an activation code, which the store provides upon purchase.

How does APK block ads on Android?

Ad links, addresses, and requests are blocked by a kind of filter between the software and the web. This filter is a local VPN connection, which lets in regular traffic and “cuts off” spam, banners, and phishing resources.

When you launch a browser or an apk ad blocker app, it carefully processes the incoming traffic and passes it through a “protection layer.” As a result, you get improved phone performance and page loading without annoying ad blocks.

If you are watching videos on YouTube, apk ad blocker is able to intercept incoming traffic with a local VPN service here as well. At the same time, you will not notice a decrease in the device’s speed because the data exchange is performed through the internal filter of the app itself, bypassing external servers.

In addition, using AWAX on Android devices allows you to protect your personal data from tracking. The app rejects all requests for geolocation and your activity while surfing the Internet. Rest assured that no marketing or phishing trackers will be able to use targeted data from your phone.

The resource Hootsuite in its publications called AWAX the best ad blocker apk in 2022 because it not only removes spam and ads, but also greatly optimizes the performance of mobile devices.


After testing all the features of AWAX software, we can definitely say that its algorithms allow you to easily cut off any ad blocks. You will be able to run your favorite Android apps without ads. Don’t want to be distracted by annoying banners and video breaks anymore? Download the AWAX app and appreciate its features.