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Beer Brewing Equipment List: Your Guide to Getting Started


The passion for the culture of draft beer sooner or later will grow to the desire to create a home bar. Or you will go even further and decide to open your own craft brewery.

Beer Brewing Equipment List

Of course, you will need the following equipment:

  • Kegs

Most home brewers prefer corny kegs – lightweight and practical barrels of small size, designed for storage and transportation of beer.

In addition to this type of barrel, you can also install a 1/6 bbl keg. This container is a slightly larger analogue of Cornelius kegs, making it an excellent choice for both home and professional production (for example, for a small craft brewery).

A 1/6 bbl keg is great for small quantities of beer, and cases when you want to try a new recipe.

  • Kegerators

To keep the beer fresh and cool, your kegs must be placed in a special refrigerator – a kegerator.

They come in different sizes and capacities, so you can choose the one that is optimal for your tasks.

  • Beer towers

Beer towers are a tool for pouring beer into a glass. Beer dispensers are the only visible element of the draft beer system. You can take advantage of it and choose a beer tap that will emphasize the style and aesthetics of your establishment.

  • Tap handles

What does every new bar need? Of course, good advertising! This can be done by installing the original tap handles on which you will place the logo of the drink or the name of your establishment.

Make sure that the beer tap handles are clearly visible from different points, in particular from the entrance.

  • Drip trays

Your establishment should be not only stylish but also comfortable to stay in.

And cleanliness plays an important role in it.

To keep the place always clean and tidy, we recommend installing drip trays – they will protect from beer spillage and staining surrounding surfaces. Drip trays come in different types: bar counter-mounted, wall-mounted, portable, etc.

You can buy 1/6 bbl keg, beer towers, kegerators, drip trays, tap handles, and other equipment for beer brewing on the site of the popular company Beverage Craft https://www.beveragecraft.com/.

The brand specializes in beer equipment, so you will be helped to choose high-quality and stylish equipment that will be the most effective for your production.